Written by Slowvelder69

25 Aug 2016

Sandy was twenty-eight and single. She was slim with medium sized perky breasts that revealed wonderfully pert nipples whenever she went without a bra, which was most of the time. Her long, wavy, honey blonde hair fell naturally around her lightly freckled face. Tanned and always in shorts and sandals, she was the quintessential beach girl and she was my wife’s best friend.

I have to admit that I have always had an affinity for blondes so I had more than a platonic friendship attraction to Sandy. I had never acted on it, but I’m sure it was obvious to everyone since I never tried to hide it either. What I didn’t know was if Sandy had an attraction to me. If she did, she hid it well.

Since Sandy usually didn’t have a steady boyfriend she was included in most things that my wife and I did. She went out boating with us, even staying onboard overnight. If we rented a condo on the beach, she was always invited, and she stayed overnight at our house too many times to count. Besides the usual friendly wrestling, slap and tickle that close friends do - even walking in on each other when in the shower or changing clothes - I never made a move on her or she toward me.

One summer evening, after the three of us had finished a late dinner, we settled into the living room to watch a movie. We’d had a bottle of wine with dinner and I opened another one to drink while the movie was playing. My wife sat on the floor, using the middle of the couch as a backrest as she is usually inclined to do. I took a seat on one end of the couch and Sandy at the other.

That second bottle of wine was emptied quickly. Although we were all drinking, Sandy seemed to be consuming the chardonnay faster than she ordinarily would. I opened another bottle, poured refills all around, and returned to my seat. Sandy drank a little more wine then stretched out on the couch, her head on a pillow and her legs crossed in my lap. I rested one hand on her shin and held my wineglass with the other. My wife fell asl**p; as I could see her head droop off to one side. The whole scene was one that we had repeated many times.

After a few minutes, my wife awoke and announced she was too tired to continue and was going to bed. She went upstairs and closed the door to prevent the sound of the movie disturbing her.

Sandy and I remained on the couch and continued watching the movie. She was wearing a very loose fitting pair of white short shorts. I ran my hand gently up and down her shin. Her skin was soft, smooth, and taut. She moaned almost imperceptibly in an approving manner and shifted her legs slightly. I had rubbed her legs many times before in this manner but had never gotten this reaction. I turned my gaze from the movie to see her expression. She had a smirky look on her face.

I put my wineglass down and placed my other hand on her ankle. A little louder this time, she moaned approvingly and uncrossed her legs. Her smile widened and the shift in position of her legs opened up her shorts enough for me to see that she wasn’t wearing panties.

I don’t know if it was the extra amount of wine we had consumed, or the approving signals that I was getting from her, but I decided to go a step further and see what happened. I ran my hand from her shin up her thigh and stopped just before going under her shorts. She moaned softly and spread her legs enough for me to put my hand between them. I ran my hand over to her inner thigh stroked slowly up and down. I moved my other hand from her ankle and stroked the outside of her other leg, from the calf to the hip.

I was delighting at the feel of her gorgeous slim legs and continued massaging them as she softly cooed. There was no sign of reluctance as I began to run my hand under her shorts, higher and higher until my hand was all the way to the top of her inner thigh with the side resting against her pussy. I massaged her inner thigh while rubbing her pussy with the side of my hand. She did not disapprove and murmured soft sounds of delight. Then I moved my hand over her pussy. She was softer than I’d anticipated. Her neatly-trimmed blonde hair was barely perceptible to my touch. I slid my hand back and forth between her legs and gently rubbed her pussy.

“I was wondering how far you were going to go,” Sandy said.

I froze, both hands remaining exactly where they were when she spoke. It felt as if I was caught doing something wrong. I figured this was the end of my fun for the night.

“I was wondering how far you were going to let me go,” I replied, trying to throw the situation back to her. Sandy was a strong decisive woman. She had been out on her own for a long time and was perfectly able to take care of herself. She was only going to let me go as far as she wanted. I knew it and she knew it.

“What were you planning on doing?” she asked.

That caught me off guard. I didn’t actually have a plan, I was winging it. I quickly blurted, “Make you feel good and give you a thrill for the night.”

To my astonishment she replied, “Okay, you can keep going, just let me know what you’re going to do before you do it.”

Wow! I didn’t see that coming. I thought I was going to get shut down right here. I continued rubbing her pussy under her shorts. Then I used my other hand to stroke her inner thighs. She moaned and smiled widely at the new sensation.

I pressed my middle finger gently between her outer labia. She was very wet. I felt the fluid ooze out as I separated her lips with the tip of my finger. She wiggled her hips slightly as I continued to press inside her silky soft pussy. I rubbed up and down as I pressed in, entering slightly deeper with each stroke.

Her inner labia wrapped around the tip of my finger as I gently moved down to her vaginal opening. I contacted the entrance. She gasped slightly at the suddenness of the sensation. I lingered there for a moment, then slowly moved in a circular motion pushing ever so slightly deeper with each rotation. Her wetness seemed to increase and the pussy juice flowed out around the tip of my finger and ran down toward my palm.

I pushed deeper still, until my finger was well beyond the opening and inside. I curled my finger up and wiggled the tip searching for her g-spot. I pressed in just a little bit further and she gasped. Her leg muscles tightened and she squeezed her thighs together. Bingo, I’d found it. I moved the tip of my finger almost imperceptibly back and forth over the spot. She let out a soft moan and pressed her legs together at every small movement of my finger. Her eyes were tightly closed and her breathing spasmodic. I had her right where I wanted.

I moved my other hand from between her thighs and unbuttoned her shorts. Then, as softly and gently as I could, I began to slide my hand down. I slid over her mons and to the top of where her pussy crack started. I pressed my finger in. It was just as moist as the rest of her pussy. I slid it further down and in. I don’t think she even knew my hand was there. She was still breathing spasmodically and whimpering at my movements across her g-spot. Then the tip of my finger contacted her clit. Her eyes opened and she inhaled deeply.

“Oh, my god,” she exclaimed as she exhaled. I pressed on her clit a little harder. “Oh, god,” she said again between breaths.

I rubbed her clit while still pressing gently but firmly on her g-spot. “Ohh,” she cried out. I thought she would wake my wife. I pressed on her g-spot and rubbed her clit again. She squeezed her thighs together almost forcing my fingers out of her pussy. “Ohh,” she again cried.

I didn’t let up. She began thrusting her pelvis up and down which meant my fingers rubbed her clit and g-spot without me having to move them. Her thrusts became so violent that I had a hard time keeping my fingers in place. Pussy juice ran down into my cupped hand. “Oh, god,” she cried out once more while her whole body was convulsing.

After a minute, the spasms slowed and grew weaker. She stopped thrusting her pelvis and laid back, limp with exhaustion. Her breathing was sporadic. I figured she’d had enough for now so I withdrew my fingers. She whimpered softly as I removed them. I let her lay there and catch her breath.

I reached up and grabbed the hem of her shorts. “I’m going to take these off.”

“Why?” she asked wearily.

“Because I want to taste you.”

She managed a weak smile and lifted her hips to allow the shorts to slide off. I tossed them to the side, raised her knees a little and spread her legs.

As I moved in close to her dripping wet vulva, I inhaled a subtle hint of her aroma. Sweet with a light musk scent. I lingered just above her pussy to savor the enticing scent and gaze at her magnificent pussy. Her inner labia, pink and swollen from the stimulation, protruded from between her pussy lips. I moved in and flicked across them with my tongue. She flinched slightly at the touch. I licked again, slower, and lingering on them a little longer. Her labia were surprisingly soft, wet, and juicy. Again, I licked. She flinched slightly at my every touch. I stuck my tongue in. She tasted wonderful. Slippery, wet, slightly salty and sweet. I never imagined that it would be this wonderful but was glad I was finally getting a taste.

I continued to bury my tongue into her pussy and move it around until I found the entrance of her vagina. I thrust in as far as I could. Sandy moaned with delight. I moved in and out as she cooed softly to each entrance and retreat. I pushed my tongue in deep and circled around the opening. She began to move her legs together at the sensation and I placed my hands on her inner thighs to hold them apart.

I slowly slid my tongue up toward her clit. Her leg muscles tightened and she started to press her legs together as I moved closer and closer to her clitoris. I held my hands on her inner thighs to keep them apart. The moment my tongue touched the underside of her clit she whimpered and tightened her muscles. I stopped and held it there until she relaxed. Then I moved my tongue further up the underside of her clit causing her to gasp and flex again. I stopped and waited for her to relax, then continued. When I reached the tip of her clit I moved my tongue slowly over and around the entire little button. She squirmed around, giggling slightly. I continued to hold her legs apart.

I pursed my lips around her swelling clit and gently sucked. Sandy groaned softly. I squeezed my lips around the little protuberance as it extended and rubbed the tip of the little mound with my tongue. I sucked harder to hold it in place and pressed with my tongue as hard as I could without pushing the now extended jewel out of my mouth. She moaned continuously and began to kick her legs. She was becoming over stimulated and brought her hands to the top of my head and pushed me back. I released my oral grip and sat up on my knees.

I looked down at her as she picked her legs up, pressed her knees together and wrapped her arms around them. Her eyes were sparkling and she had a wide beaming smile across her face. She rocked slightly from side to side. Chalk up orgasm number two for the evening.

By this time I had an erection that was so hard it hurt. Kneeling in front of her, it was plainly evident through my pants. I decided I was going to give her orgasm number three. Besides, if I didn’t do something about this hard-on it felt like it was going to explode. I began to unbutton my shorts.

“What are you doing?” Sandy asked as I unzipped.

“Taking these off. They’re pressing against my dick and it hurts.”

“I didn’t say you could do that.”

“I’m sorry,” I replied apologetically. “Do you mind if I take these off.”

“You can take them off. Just remember to let me know what you’re going to do before you do it.”

I tugged my shorts down and my dick sprung out. I didn’t ever remember it being this hard or this big. Sandy’s eyes widened at the sight. She’d seen me naked, and when flaccid, I’ve never been very impressive, but this was impressive. At least for me, and by her reaction, for Sandy too. My cock was throbbing. I tossed my shorts off to the side.

“You want to screw?” I asked.

She smiled wryly at me. “Yes, but don’t cum inside me.”

“What? I thought you were on the pill.”

“I am, but I don’t want you to cum inside me. You pull out before you cum.”

I was a bit bewildered, but I was rock hard and horny so if this was how it had to be I was going to go along. Besides, all I could think about was my aching dick. I pushed her knees apart and leaned in over her. I held my cock and rubbed it up and down between her pussy lips. She was soft, wet and silky smooth. I moved down until the head of my cock was at her entrance. I pushed and my dick slid in effortlessly. Sandy took in a deep breath. I let go with my hand and pushed in a little deeper. She moaned softly. I pushed all the way in.

She was much tighter than I expected, but her copious amounts of pussy juice made for no friction. It was warm, snug, and slippery. I began slow rhythmic insertions and withdrawals. She moaned approvingly and wrapped her legs around my hips. I quickened my pace.

Having her wrapped around me like that was almost more than I could take. I moved in and out quicker. My heart began to beat faster. Damn it, I was getting ready to cum already. I was really hoping to last a little longer. Then I remembered what she said. I pulled out.

“I was getting ready to cum,” I said breathlessly.

“Good, you did as I said,” she replied. “Now relax a minute and then we can continue.”

She kept her legs wrapped around me while I recovered. I was breathing hard and my dick was throbbing and aching. After a few moments I slid back inside her and started pumping away. I was so horny that I was about to explode after only a minute.

“I’m getting ready to cum,” I blurted out.

“Don’t you dare,” she admonished me, “you’d better pull that out.”

I did as she demanded. I was now even more out of breath. She kept her legs wrapped tightly around me. My prostate spasmed a couple of times, but nothing came out. My cock was fully engorged and throbbing like never before. It was most intense fuck I’d ever had.

“Are you going to let me cum,” I asked.

“Maybe,” she replied, “but you’re going to have to ask me nicely. Otherwise, no cumming for you.”

This was some little game she was playing. I started to wonder if it was payback for something I had done. Maybe it was a reward. It didn’t matter, I was having the fuck of my life. I was ready to go on and entered her again. By now my dick was so stimulated and she was so wet that I was able to go on a little longer before the urge to cum began welling up inside of me. Eventually, the urge did come.

“Are you going to let me cum,” I grunted while holding back the overpowering urge to explode inside her.

“No,” she retorted quickly. She unwrapped her legs, put her hands on my waist and pushed me back. I withdrew and my prostrate contracted. A few dribbles of pre-cum ran out. My dick throbbed and balls tingled. My chest heaved with heavy breathing; not so much from the physical exertion of fucking, but from trying to suppress the urge to cum all over the place.

“If you want to cum, you’re going to have to ask me nicer.” She stared into my eyes as she spoke. “You’ll have to beg me to cum. And then, maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you cum.” She produced that little smirk again.

The words rang in my throbbing head. I was at her mercy and she was loving it. Come to think of it, I was loving it too, but I was too weak to answer. I slid my aching dick back inside her. She wrapped her legs around me again and I began stroking in and out. It wasn’t long before my tempo was back to full speed. I moved in and out rhythmically and quickly. She was now moving her hips along with me. We were in unison.

It wasn’t long before the urge was back, stronger than ever. I remembered her demand. “Can I cum?” I asked in between thrusts.

“You have to ask nicer than that,” she said.

The urge was starting to well up inside. I tried to suppress it. “May I cum now,” I grunted while trying to hold back.

“Nicer,” she ordered.

I was at my limit. I didn’t know how much longer I could last. I felt as if I was holding back a tidal wave. “Please let me cum, Sandy,” I begged. “Oh, please let me cum.”

“Alright, go ahead and cum,” she said and she squeezed her legs around me so tight I could barely move in and out.

“Thank you,” I said as I thrust in as far as I could and exploded inside her. It felt as if flood gates had been opened. I pulled back and thrust again, ejaculating again at the peak. Sandy groaned at each thrust. I repeated over and over. Thrust, cum, thrust, cum. I don’t know how many times but it was more than I’d ever experienced before. My mind was blank. I saw nothing, heard nothing, and thought nothing. Nothing but the overwhelming sensation of Sandy’s pussy around my dick and my thrusting and cumming.

I began to run out of energy and cum. My thrusts became shallower and shallower. My ejaculations weaker and weaker until finally I was spent. I pushed in and withdrew a few last weak thrusts and then collapsed on top of her. I lay, unable to move, and barely able to breath. My dick was numb, my balls were numb, and my mind was numb. I fell asl**p.

* * *

I awoke to the muffled sound of my wife calling my name. Shit, we’ve been caught. I opened my eyes and looked around. Sunlight streamed in through the window. It was morning. Again, my wife called me. Her voice came from behind the still closed bedroom door upstairs. Panicking, I looked around for Sandy. She was nowhere to be seen. I looked on the floor for her clothes. They were gone and only my rumpled shorts lay heaped in the middle of the room. I was safe, she had left sometime in the night.

My panic subsided. I’d had the fantasy fuck of my life come true and I was going to get away with it. I figured I was the luckiest guy around.

The upstairs bedroom door opened. I looked up. My wife stepped into the doorway. She was wearing one of my oversized t-shirts that hung to just below her ass. From my vantage point below, I could see she was not wearing panties. She folded her arms, crossed her legs and leaned against the doorframe. It was sexy as hell and I began to get turned on.

“Are you going to lie there all morning or are you going to come upstairs,” she asked slyly.

I got the message, she must have woken up horny. I had a serious case of morning wood and was rested and ready, so this looked like it was going to be the start of a great day too.

“I’m coming,” I said, and as I started to get up the bedroom door swung open wider and Sandy stepped into the doorway. She stood next to my wife. She was topless and wore her shorts from last night but they hung open, unbuttoned and unzipped.

“Yeah,” she exclaimed sarcastically, “are you going to lay there all morning or are you going to come up here and join us?”

I was confused. I didn’t know if I was in a lot of trouble from what went on last night or if I was in a lot of trouble from what I think was about to happen. But, no one was throwing things at me and no one was yelling at me and I had a major case of morning wood that needed to be taken care of.