14 Mar 2017

Fantasies are wonderful moments of escape from the real world. They can take you anywhere and let you indulge in anything. And for those of us that need something slightly more intelligent than "...and then I started to stroke his rock-hard cock..." to turn us on, they do wonders. It is not strange that Nancy Friday, now famous Australian author on women's fantacies, could manage 3 top sellers within a very short time space. She hit on the right chore.

Here is my ultimate fantacy (waiting to be lived out).....

We “meet” on SH, exchange pics, etc. etc – you know, all the “normal” stuff. And then we decided to meet for the first time – on an island. We book hotel rooms (2 rooms just in case things do not work out!), flights etc but cannot find seats on the same flight. She left 3 days earlier. And did not know that I managed to get myself on a flight only 1 day after her…

I got to the hotel room, unpack and realise that I have one BIG advantage: I know she is here. She does not know I am here…. And (of course!) I decide to go looking for her – obviously not an easy task if you only have seen someone on pics.

Getting to the beach, I pick a direction and start strolling – until I am pretty much on my own – only surrounded by white sand, calm waters and palm trees. For about ten minutes I walk – and then I see her lying on her tammy under the palm trees…Her face is turned to the side…She is naked…and her half spreaded legs expose the prettiest of fannies….

I am sure it is her….or is it? It looks like her….well….almost….But….

I approach her from behind – just to find out that she is fast asleep! Her body is warm from the sun .. and here and there some sand got stuck to her sweaty skin…I am so sure it is K…MUST be her….

And then I can no longer hold back. In almost a single movement I get rid of my pants, lower myself onto her….and inside her…A huge smile appear on her face and she starts groaning – but keep her eyes shut! And for some minutes everything comes to a halt. Just her body, the sea, the sun and the sand are reality for those minutes.

When I get up, she is tired…and carries on sleeping – still not opening her eyes…and I decide to make the hunt even more interesting….I leave her lying in the sun..and stroll back to the hotel….That evening I buy her cocktails at the bar, flirt with her, but avoid telling her who I am….Is she playing the same game in return….?

Hey! I can’t tell you all in detail! It makes the mind lazy…. Besides, that's one of the main points of a fantacy: you can color it in the way YOU prefer....