30 Oct 2018

I am writing this piece, not only for myself, but also for people to have an understanding of why I am on here and what I ( and I suspect a lot of other people too) am going through, so please, don’t judge me, I am not a bad person for wanting what I want and need (physically and emotionally).

Ever since I can remember I have always been abnormally horny and interested in sex, but that might just be an opinion according to some people. I have only lost my virginity at the age of 19, and was keen on having as much sex after that as possible. The girl I was with at the time surely didn’t mind if we kept fucking like bunnies, she even liked doing anal, which was for me an awesome experience. Sadly things didn’t work out in the long term and I was back to being single for quite a while, which suited me at the time.

Fast forward a couple of years till I met my wife of 8 years this year. She is as vanilla as they come, not into all the naughty and kinky things I like (and I like a lot of things! Except guy on guy, that shit don’t fly) which is fine as I won’t pressure her into anything she is not comfortable in doing. But, a guy has needs….and for me that need is satisfied with the usual: porn, jerking off, fantasies about women on the site, women I know, situations I would like to be in etc. Now, in the beginning we used to have a lot of sex, and it was kinky enough for her (whipped cream, outdoor sex in public only to name a few), and I also liked it. Then slowly it all started to slow down a lot, and the sex was replaced with wine.

Nowadays she wants to have sex, and wild sex only when she has drunk at least one bottle of red wine or more in the evenings, and before anyone says “fuck her when she is drunk, drunk sex is the best” have you ever tried having sex with someone who smells like a wine barrel when you yourself have not had even one drink. And to top it off, no matter what you do, how long you play, or eat her out, of fuck or do magic tricks, or whistle Dixie out your asshole, she just doesn't and can't get to orgasm. and if I'm not immediately hard for round two I'm made out to be not interested in her and the sex. And as of lately it looks like she prefers the time we have after the kids are put to bed to not spend time with each other, but to rather drink and most nights pass out on the couch, or to invite her friends over and to drink the night away.

I have tried reasoning with her about this problem, her answer is: “I don’t have a drinking problem”. That’s why I’m on here, not necessarily looking for sex, but to engage with a woman or couple or whoever about what it means to me to feel that physicality I so dearly crave at this point, as all intimacy has gone and if there is intercourse at all, its once in a month and rushed off.

I want to be able to fulfil some of my fantasies, maybe even share some with someone, or just have a chat with and to someone who doesn’t judge me for in effect breaking my marriage vows, but in my opinion everyone deserves to be happy in their own special way, even if it’s just a way to escape the everyday mundane life we all have to lead.

Everyone is always quick to judge a man for having a wandering eye, but in my case, have you ever wondered why is he lusting and wanting after someone else, anybody else? Maybe he feels broken and worthless; maybe he gets emotionally drained every day when he gets home to the point where it is better to go to work than to be at home. Maybe he is tired of all the negativity that’s surrounding him, being emotionally blackmailed and run down. Maybe divorce or separation is not an answer, but in my case all of the above is true and applies to me. So that’s why I’m on here looking at your profiles, liking your pics, chatting to you in the chatroom, I need that feeling.

Being a “single” male on here is difficult enough having to have a conversation with anyone as single males have been getting a bad rep over the years for being for lack of a better word: “assholes”. Does any of that bad behaviour actually get you laid? Most profiles clearly state “NO SINGLE MEN”, and that makes it even harder to not get blocked. But I guess normal people don’t get as much attention because couples and women are looking for that unicorn, a gym fit body with a donkey cock and a porn star stamina to go with it all, and I respect that it’s their choice, everyone likes a sexy body.

Well that’s my two cents I have to pitch, sorry if I might have offended anyone or caused an eyebrow to raise, but I feel that I have to get this off my chest, and it does make me feel a bit more relieved to get this out in the open.

I want to end this off with a quote:

"Make my dick hard, not my life."

I think that is a fitting end to this story.