Written by Daisy

18 Oct 2013

A while ago my sister and her husband came to visit they stay in Bloem. Anyway the saturday evening we were at my parents place for a braai as usual my sisters husband had gone to a friend of his. Through out the evening my husband and sister grabbing each other tickling etc. They have always had a good relationship.

At one stage in the kitchen my husband grabbed her and gave her slobbering kiss and smacked on her bum, we laughed about it. The three of us went home. At home we had coffee and I went to shower and to bed my husband and sister were still chatting on her bed in their bedroom. We had all showered by then.

Anyway a while later I got up to go to toilet and realised that it was quiet in the house, after going to the loo I went to look in my sisters bedroom. What I saw took the wind out of me. My husband was eating my sisters pussy. But at the same time I became very horny. I stood there watching. Slowly my hand went to my pussy and started finger my self while watching them. My sister turned my husband around and they went 69. By now my knees started to shake but I kept watching, they were enjoying themselves so they did not realise I was there. After a couple of minutes my husband pushed my sister onto her knees and took her doggie style. My sister let out a gasp I had to bite my lip. They eventually came together and collapsed in a heap.

I went back to my bed and laid thinking of what I had just seen, my pussy dripping. My husband came into the bedroom and climbed into bed. I turned around to lay behind his back and slowly put my hand in his sleep shorts. I slowly started to play with his cock which reacted. He turned and kissed me on the lips as if there was no tomorrow. His hand slipped to my pussy. He wanted to know why i was so wet I just smiled. We slipped out of our clothes and he mounted me and started to fuck me like crazy. I felt him getting ready to cum when I told him in his ear that I had seen him and my sister and smiled at him, he came with such gusto. We fucked again later. Bliss.