Written by Rain

07 Aug 2013

I was at my husband's brother's house for a braai. My husband was 20 years older than me. I was standing next to the bar at the swimming pool and my husband was stroking my ass and putting his hand up my little skirt (we were behind the bar, so nobody could see). I was talking to someone else on the other side of the bar. My hubbie beckoned his brother to come over to behind the bar and I heard him whisper to him "Do you want to touch a younger pussy? Put your hand here and stroke it like I've been doing. She won't know." My pussy started tingling and throbbing at the thought of my husband's brother stroking my cunt.... I felt his hand, a new different hand. New energy, new heat and his fingers were much hungrier than my husbands' fingers. I could tell he was desperate. I was wearing pantihose and they were frustrating the living hell out of him... my bare pussy pressed up against the nylon stockings... the wetness already coming through. I heard my husband's brother say : "Geez, ... fuck." - Then his wife called him and he didn't hear. He was busy dammit... whirling in the world of my pussy. He walked off eventually, smelling his fingers... my husband was laughing loudly... he would be the one to take me home and fuck me, while his brother could only dream, for now.