23 Aug 2016

My friend let's cal her Cindy had a dad let's call him fred.

I wanted to go to Cindy one saterday to hear if she could help me with my maths because we were writing exams in two weeks when I got there has farther was sitting in the porch with only shorts on he just came out of the pool I ask him wear Cindy is and he replied with her mom that went to family to visit for the weekend .as I was about to leave he asked me if he can help me I siad it's math that I must study that's why I came to ask Cindy because she was good in math then her farther siad come up help you I know maths .

I went to the porch sit down he went in and poor koeldrink for us .

As we go on I can see him checking out my tits (I had on a mini skirt and a summer top that only go around my tits no sleeves or straps

I then started to ask him why he looks at me like that he then siad you are sexy .

And I was shocked because I was 19 years old And he was 39 but he had a good body.

I then asked me if I was willing to go swim with him he siad our Brian a need rest .

I don't think alot of it as it was a hot day I then told him I don't have a bathing suit he siad I can use one of Cindy's I went to her room got it and when I got at the swimming Pool fred was already in he siad he wil help me in and he slide me against him down in the water I felt his cock against me he started to kiss me .I don't know why I did not push him of but I was looking to see wear it goes I felt his finger pulling of my pants of the bathing suit and when I look down his pant is out and his cock hard and huge .

He then picked me up in the water kissed me and told me to sit on the side of the pool he then suck my pussy out and fingered me hard

Then he took me to the steps of the pool liad back cock in the air and told me suck it babe I sucked it we went back to pool and he fucked me hard I will not forget that day