Written by Nsaguy069

16 Jan 2018

It was a few weeks back, beginning of the year. I saw an ad posted on SH and thought why not give it a try. It was a couple and i was interested in watching or maybe even joining in.

So to my excited and my nerves all over the show. I got invited to there "midday fun day" so i arrived never having meet the couple before saying they are waiting for the husbands gf to arrive. So we sat chatted and had a few beers.

Once the gf arrived we got naked and into the jacuzzi. I was nervous as anything. Everyone comfortable with each other and i was still not. But seeing the husband and gf having some fin really turned me on. The wife was sitting next to me and my hand made its way slowly to her sweet spot. Me teasing as she played with my member.

Still can see the corner of my eye the husband and gf having an amazing time. I still being nervous kept playing with the wife and kissing passionately. Im getting excited every second of this.

So to my nerves being all over we just played and kept chatting and having a few more beers. It was amazing my first experience in this and was having a great time.

Later on the time arrived and i was teasing and playing with the wifes perfect snatch. The husband and gf were also having a good time. And then the wife said get a condom so i grabbed one and we stood up from the jacuzzi and she bent forward my favourite positoon "doggy" and i was excited and nervous and just went at it. Till i cummed.

I would say my first experience wasnt so bad i enjoyed it. Would like to do it again.