17 Jun 2016

Jane lowered herself onto my face in a 69 position. I will remember that golden moment as long as I live. The arse that I had been craving was slowly brought closer and closer to my face, blocking out all light and all air. I had the perfect view, even though only for a split second, of the object of my fantasies, slightly plump thighs well rounded buttocks, pouting wet pussy lips, and damp sweaty anus. I was in heaven. She ground her hips on my face, jiggling for the best position, her lips pressed against mine, my nose nudging into her butt hole. I tried my best to tongue her in all the right places, but she just used me, wriggling in position to pleasure herself.

I felt the bed move, and I realised that Jim was now standing on the bed, feeding her his erect cock. She ground back onto my face, lowering herself slightly so that my tongue now had no choice but to slip into her anus. Frantically I struggled for air, pushing out my tongue as far as I could in order to taste her musty aroma, the very essence of her. Her body rocked back and forth as she took her husband’s penis in her mouth and sucked on it. I could feel the tiny hairs around her anus scratching on my tongue as I licked and probed her bum crack.

After a while I felt the bed move again, and I realised that Jim was now kneeling over me, about to insert his erect penis into Jane’s now sopping wet vagina. I licked at her clit, and cared not one bit that my tongue brushed up against his rock hard shaft. He withdrew his penis and with one move, slid it into my mouth. I had no real choice but to suck, I was trapped under his wife after all. He took turns, feeding his cock into my mouth and into her pussy. The blend of flavours was intoxicating. I felt myself lose all control, and began to lick and suck on his hairy balls, which were dangling right in my face.

My face was a mess of saliva and juices from his cock, and from her pussy and arse.

He started sliding his cock deeper into my mouth, touching the back of my throat and making me gag a little. Each time this happened, I produced waves of saliva which lay thick on his shaft.

"I think that's lubed up enough now." he declared, before astounding me once again, by placing his cock head at the entrance to her arse, and pushing. My mouth fell open in amazement as I saw her arse hole open up and engulf his stiff cock, until he was balls deep in her arse. I licked on his balls eagerly, enthralled by this close up anal sex show in vivid detail. I licked on her clit and tried to fuck her pussy with my tongue. This is where things got really dirty. He removed his cock from her arse and rested it on my lips. I hesitated for one second, but he simply pushed his penis past my closing lips and fucked my mouth with his dirty cock. back and forth he went, arse to mouth then back to arse again. I was forced to swallow his filthy penis, straight from his Janess sweaty arse hole, time and again.

I looked up and saw her butt hole gaping open, stretched open wide from the arse fucking she was getting. I could see inside her hole, it was pink and wet, and not nearly as dirty as I imagined it would be, so I started to accept his cock more willingly now. The taste from inside her was bitter and acrid, but not completely unpleasant.

He concentrated now on purely arse fucking, sliding his shaft in and out of her arse like there was no tomorrow. I greedily sucked and licked at her swollen clit, and she quickened her motion up and down my cock. I felt her whole body tense up, and she began to moan, a low desperate moan from deep within.

"Oh baby I'm gonna cum!" she groaned, and her whole body began to shudder, the pressure from her pussy now hurting my mouth, but I kept on licking. From below, I saw Jims buttocks tense up and I was certain that he was now pumping her arse full of hot cum. Quickly Jim withdrew his penis, and as I looked up I saw a gaping arsehole about to spill a bucket load of cum all over my face. I opened wide, and let his cum dribble out of her anus and into my mouth. I swallowed two mouthfuls, then set to work sucking the remainder from out of her arse. She sat up and pulled her butt cheeks apart, more dollops of cum dripped out of her butt hole and straight into my mouth. I applied my lips to her hole and sucked. I needed no orders, this was primal stuff, pure instinct.

After I had thoroughly cleaned Janes backside, Jim presented his now semi-erect penis for me to clean. I licked the cum from his shaft and head, hungry for this new taste.