Written by hornymermaid

15 Jul 2015

I masturbate to this one most times,so I thought I would share.I'm home after a shower and I'm so horny I know I'm going to have to bring myself to an orgasm,I start playing with my breast,before moving down to my now dripping pussy,slowly I open my myself nd slide a finger inside me,my clit is throbbing,slide my fingers deeper and find my Gspot ,my other hand pulling nd rubbing on my clit,unknown to me a stranger is watching me,so turned on by this scene he takes a chance nd gains entry into my home,I'm so far gone pleasing myself I don't hear or notice him until he is standing in front of me his manhood out for me to see,we don't speak,just stare into each other's eyes,he gets on his knees nd starts eating my pussy I'm begging him for more,he gets up nd lays me down,I scream with pleasure as he enters me nails digging into his back nd bum nd we fuck,so primal and wanton,we both come scratching nd biting one another,after he gets up nd leaves,I don't ask for his name he doesn't ask for mine!!