14 Apr 2017

Dogging is one of the biggest turns on. The thought of sex in the open the possibility of someone seeing us and being turned on. Being naturally horny 24/7 is a bonus (although bothersome at times) driving into a park , my body always shivers in anticipation, i know my otherhalf is already looking out for a prime spot for us . Driving slowly around finding the right spot while his brushes his hand over my sensitive nipples. We park and on exiting the car i feel the fresh cool air flow up my skirt and caress my pussy and butt. He strolls around the car, wraps his arms around me and starts to kiss me , tongues entwined i feel his hands sliding down my back and reach for my skirt which he slowly pulls up. I loose myself in his arms , let him guide me . He pushes me over the bonnet of the car . I lift my head to see a stranger watching us , i start to speak but the feeling of his hard cock pushing into me makes me moan instead. I glance at the stranger he has taken his cock out and is stroking it. I feel my lovers cock pounding into me . My head feels like there is a thunderstorm going on as the blood rushes through my body . I adore the feeling as he teases me with his cock softly and slowly i forget about the stranger and gets lost in our passionate orgasms. Over and over he keeps coming his hard cock going for what feels like hours. My knees start to shake as i feel him swell in an ultimate orgasm. He grunts loudly , i steal a glance at the stranger and realise he has just cum too. He thanks us and walks off . We embrace , adjust our clothes , sated for now we head off for milk shakes