02 Apr 2019

My sexy stranger and I had been chatting for 2 weeks when we decided to meet for the first time.

We agreed to meet at the movies at v & a.

We ensured that we had seats next to each other, in the far back corner of the cinema.

Smoothly shaven from my womanhood downwards and only wearing a really short dress without any panties, I made my way in an Uber to the movies.

The movie had allready started when I arrived inside yet it felt like all eyes were on me. My muscles in my stomach tensed up at the excitement at all this as I went to sit next to him.

Without really looking at him I took his hand and started sucking his finger slowly. I could feel his finger tighten on my tongue.

I spread my legs and moved his hand slowly in between my thighs and then lifted my one leg over his then took his finger and pushed it deep into my pussy.

Omw it was such a rush. He started rubbing over my wetness pushing his finger and making me gasp......I rubbed his very erect manhood hard.

We played for a little while and left the movies.

He drove us to to sandy Beach. It was a beautiful moonlit night.

Finally he decided to park on an open piece of ground.

He rubbed my pussy and fingered me into an orgasm. We got out the car and I started sucking him really deep...

I turned my back towards him and bent over his bonnet of his vehicle and he pushed his hard throbbing manhood deep into me. He rode me really hard until we both screamed out in ecstacy.

We stayed and talked for a while and then he drove me home?