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MFM Camping


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We arrive at Kamgab, late afternoon and are pleased to see we are the only ones that have made the treacherous trail by 4x4, through the narrow gorge and down to the river for the night. We find a grass embankment, unpack a table and chairs, open a bottle of wine out the fridge, and sit down to enjoy the sights and sounds of the abundant bird life, while the cliffs along the Orange River redden as the sun lowers on the horizon. What a perfect way to introduce Barry to the way we love camping. I set up the shower, draw some water from the river and run it through the engine system so that the 3 of us can have a nice warm shower before dark. As I am about to set up the privacy cubicle, Nina gestures to me not to bother and slips out her shorts, T-shirt and underwear to wash, while I get a fire going. I can see Barry is somewhat surprised by her bold display of nudity, and although he succeeds not to stare, he is enjoying glimpses of her soaping and rinsing herself, while pretending to assist me. She dresses, walks over and hands him the soap, saying “your turn”. I chuckle thinking “beware a woman with a plan”. Nina sits down with her glass of wine in a position of reasonable view of him showering, and even offers to wash his back at some point, venturing rather low with her hands before slapping him playfully on the bum and walking away. Later, all washed and dressed we set up our rooftop tent, and his ground tent by the last light of day, then sit around the fire, braai some steaks and consume fair quantities of wine along with casual and varied conversation. Nina is relaxed and playful and eventually I drag her up into the rooftop tent with me, while Barry finishes his wine by the fading firelight. Within seconds Nina is all over me and it isn’t long before we are both naked and devouring each other. The Rooftop tent is pretty cramped but I manage to fold my legs up and nestle in between her legs to lick her tasty slit and suck enticingly on her clit. At first she murmurs quietly but becomes more and more vocal, starting to roll her hips in synchronicity; eventually shouting out in ecstasy as she cums triumphantly. “I can hear you, you know?”, Barry exclaims from below. We both giggle like naughty teens as I kneel between her legs lifting them up over my shoulders, so that I can enter her. She sighs and moans almost with purpose as I move slowly in and out of her warm, soft, delightful pussy, holding back to time my orgasm with hers. Its glorious and I fall over beside her, softly kissing her lips and stroking her hair. We hear Barry douse the fire and zip up his tent. “You can surprise him if you like?”, I say to her. “Not now”, she responds, as she holds more tightly onto me and we fall into a deep sleep. I wake to sound from Barry’s tent and as I open my eyes and see the moonlight reflecting across the water through the fly screen, I realize that Nina is not beside me. I listen intently over the ever-present sound of the flowing river to what sounds like hungry kissing then the rhythmical movement of the outer nylon of a sleeping bag. I become increasingly aroused by the image of what’s unfolding, that etches in my mind. It’s obvious that they are suppressing their groans of enjoyment and I can’t help touching myself while I listen to Nina cum for what is probably the third time now. Eventually, after what seems like ages, Barry lets out a huge groan and then there’s silence. I lie and listen. The tent’s zip.. then some splashing in the river. I look out to see Nina washing her beautiful naked form in the moonlight. She climbs up the stairs and crawls in with me, to warm her cool skin against me. “I love you so much”, she says, and then proceeds to make the most gentle and re-assuring love to me; the air filled with our adoration, appreciation and amazement of each other. The next morning, Barry wakes us with coffee and breakfast and what follows is a gorgeous naked day in nature; basking, swimming, talking, laughing.. teaming up to touch and spoil Nina in almost every way conceivable, eventually all retiring to Barry’s ground tent for the night to culminate what is the most erotic camping trip we have ever undertaken. How do we top this? I don’t know, but the mind is amazingly powerful and creative and I have no doubt that we will conjure many other delightful scenarios worthy of pursuit.

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