06 Dec 2016

This i have to write .its not a sexual story .Men there is no originality from you. Sorry to say .

I get messages saying I can look at an album whether its private or not.

What do I see a penis,erect,floppy and in action.That is not the thing I want shoved in my face when I want to know how a guy looks.Facial Face a face .I am sure face book could be covered with all the penis's I get sent to me .

Then I say your too far reply well lets whats app .for what?I can call you i dont want sex chat .

Have men lost the ability to take a woman out,be a charmer have close up contact.

I am not interested in virtual or the like.

It doesnt say so in my profile.

Guys have you got to lazy to dress up ,do the gel,get excited about meeting a woman cougar or not .

Please dont let the romance go into the past,Dont talk sex for the first introduction .

Yes I am aware I am on a swingers site ,I am aware how men behave, .

Please e gentle and loving it doesnt mean you want to marry me

Its putting all the manliness you can muster into a meeting.

I know I show pictures but shit men its not what I am about, there is a woman lurking. a woman

with a soul and feeling .

Do it the right way make a woman feel good then you will feel even better.

Please use this advice and the girls will be eating out of your hands

Mad Irish girl samsung