Written by wilson

28 Jun 2014

My kickboxing workouts are pretty intense in my gym

class, but this particular saturday I couldn't find my

timing to save my life. Plus, my cell phone was ringing

every other minute. My instructor was tired of the sound

of the phone, so he reached over to turn off the ringer,

when "Ring, ring the phone starts buzzing off the hook.

"Dude, I think you need to tell who ever is calling you to

leave a message. So I grabbed the phone and its Marisa,

"Craig what are you doing"? I need to talk to you, are you

close to the apartment? Is what she whispered, in a low

tone. I told her I was about ten minutes away and I was

just about to finish my workout. "Ok, I will meet you at

your apartment is what she replied. I tried to probe to

find out what was her problem, but she just rushed off

the phone. I was starting to get nervous because we had

been fucking for the last few weekends, while her

boyfriend was away. I began to wonder strange thoughts,

like what if she's pregnant? Oh shit, what if he found out

about us? Dam, what is a brother to do? So I finally made

it home and sure enough 2 seconds later Marisa knocked at

the door.

She entered with a big smile on her face wearing a white

tank top, with blue jean shorts with her curly black hair

hanging down her back. "Did you miss me, is what she

chanted in a soft voice. "Whats up what's so important,

whats on your mind, where my questions. (Lord, please

don't tell me this girl is pregnant), she looked over me

with a funny little smirk on her face and said, oh I just

wanted to see you because Marcus was called in for

overtime at his job. At this point, I knew what was on her

mind. F-U-C-K-I-N-G!! Marisa has a very, very baby

face and she comes off very innocent but she's a total

slut on the inside. She closed the door to the living room

and grabbed my cock and started to squeeze it to see if I

was hard! "Do you like my new jean shorts? I picked them

up this morning, is what she said as she sat on my chair

and spread her legs open so I could see her pink pussy

thru the shorts! Her pussy lips were very reddish pink as

she started to rub her clit and lift her shirt up as her

nipples stood erect in midair. "I go tired of masturbating

thinking about you, so I just had to do something about it"!

I eased over and stood over her while she pulled my shorts

down, until my 9" hard black cock stood directly in her

face. She didn't waste any time as she leaned over and

rolled her tongue across my dickhead while she rubbed my

moist black balls! The feeling of her wet lip and warm

tongue licking and stoking me back and forth, made my

cum flow instantly! I could feel the sperm shooting up my

balls as she boobed up and down, while she jerked me off

and sucked my meaty black cock!! "Hmmmmmm, you have

the perfect size dick, my pussy is so fucking hot I could

fuck you all day, is what she whispered! I pulled out of her

mouth before I shot my load before i had a chance to

penetrate her tight, wet pussy hole!

Marisa then began to place a pillow on the floor to sit on

as she took my hard dick back inside of her hot mouth. I

could feel her warm breathe against my balls as she licked,

up and down! "I want you to fuck the shit out of my

face"! It only took 2 more stokes when i began to ooze,

white sticky cum from my massive black cock down her

throat and all over her lips! My black cock was throbbing

with love potion, and Marisa licked every drop! The smell

of sex was in the air and my cock was ready for some

good old fashion fucking! I didn't waste any time, because

my dick was still throbbing ROCK hard after I blew my

load! "Bend the fuck over, is what I shouted"! I immediatly

spread her ass cheeks and forced my cock inside her wet

pussy from behind! Marisa then chanted

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit your dick is so fucking intense!

Ohhhhhhh, fuck, slow down my pussy is burning hot!! I

ignored every word as, I pounded her pussy deeper inside

her tight, wet pink hole! The sight of my black cock

pumping fast and hard inside her white pussy, made me

very excited! You could hear the sound of my balls

slapping against her ass cheeks a mile away, "Oh god it

feels so fucking good" was her reply. Marisa's face was

buried in the pillow as her ass was in the air, I fucked her

like a true black warrior!

"Ohhhh, fuck me harder with that fat, black dick,

yes,motherfucker harder, please I want to feel all of you

inside of me"! Is what she screamed, I could feel the cum

from her pussy running down her inner thighs as I stuck

my finger up her asshole! AHHHHHHHHHHH, shit you are

fucking GOOD!! as I pulled her hair with both of my hands

as my cock mounted all the way inside of her pussy! "OH

GOD, I can feel every inch of your dick inside of me, oh,

please, please lick my asshole baby"! My pussy lips are

getting very sore Is what this hot little bitch yelled, so I

pounded more and more until she started to squirt creamy

white cum over my black pubic hairs! I reached over and

spread her ass cheeks and licked the cum running out of

her pussy, as she moaned with pure pleasure! We began to

69 as she stroked my black cock, while i licked her red,

tight white pussy! The wet juices ran down my goatee and

mouth, my cock was being stroked with extreme passion as

I began to ejaculate in her mouth for the second time!

This time Marisa, just placed her entire mouth on my cock

as my cum shot inside of her warm mouth as she ate my

fluids with a smile! (Oh, lord at least I don't have to

worry about getting her pregnant this time), Marisa

swallowed my hot load and gave me a devilish grin.

We layed on top of each other for about 20 minutes and it

felt very good as, I leaned over and asked a question.

"When you called me, why did you make it appear like you

had a big emergency to talk to me about? "Well, I didn't

know how to call you and say, "Hurry home and shut up and

fuck me"! Is what she replied! Boy do I love being Marisa's

neighbor, this is just one of our many, many, MANY

fucking experiences.

Until next time.