Written by muis69

13 Dec 2012

I have come to your office looking for a job. Your secretary has shown me to your private office and closed the door behind her. You rise to shake my hand, and I try to be subtle as my eyes move over you. You offer me a seat in a large chair opposite your desk, and I sit,

crossing my legs. "So what are your qualifications?" you ask, and I notice that you are staring at where my skirt has ridden up, revealing a glimpse of creamy white thigh above my dark stockings. I begin to tell you of my job experience, but you are not listening. Your green eyes are roaming over my body. "Are you wearing anything under that skirt?" you ask. I blush, and murmur "No,sir." "Uncross your legs and spread your legs apart," you order me. The authority in your rough voice starts my juices flowing. As I slowly part my legs, my skirt rises up, allowing you a full view of my moist pussy lips. I can feel the juices oozing down the crack of my ass. "Hmmm, nice," you say, moving in front of me and kneeling. You push my legs

apart further, opening my hot wet cunt to your inspection. You grab my hips, and pull me forward in the chair, then use your fingers to part my cunt lips, Revealing my hard throbbing clit, slowly you suck it into your mouth, flicking it with your tongue as your fingers creep towards my cunt. My legs begin to tremble as you lick and suck at me. You slide two long

fingers into my pussy, slowly, as my cunt tries to suck them in deeper. You slip Your fingers into, slowly, just up to the first knuckle, teasing, slipping in and out. My thighs are trembling and you can feel my clit pulsing beneath your slowly moving tongue. My juices are flowing faster and we can hear the sucking noises as my cunt grips your fingers. Suddenly, you dart your stiffened tongue into my cunt and out again, giving my clit a fast flick, then back into my

cunt, a little deeper this time, lapping at my juices. Your thumb begins to lightly stroke my clit as you dart your tongue in and out of my cunt. My moans are getting louder now, and I try to force my cunt onto your probing tongue. You can tell that I am very close to coming. "Not yet,"

you say, rising and pulling me to my feet. My legs are trembling so that I can barely stand, and my juices are dripping down my thighs. My clit is throbbing and swollen. I move my hand down, wanting to stroke my clit, wanting to come, needing to come, but your large hand

stops mine. "Not until I say so," you tell me and lead me towards your desk. You tell me to sit on the very edge and I do. You push my skirt up and force me back down on the desk, my ass at the very edge. "Make yourself come”, you say, "I want to watch you.!" As you watch

me, you unzip your pants, and slip them off. Your cock is hard, with a glistening pearl of pre-cum oozing from the slit. It looks delicious and I lick my lips as I watch you begin to slowly stroke it. My hand is moving faster now, plunging in and out of my cunt, feeling the pressure

building. "Don`t come yet!" you tell me, still stroking your cock. "Rub your clit, but very slowly..." I slowly begin massaging my engorged clit, rubbing my juices over it. My cunt is aching, I want to feel your cock in me now. "Now slip one finger into your cunt, not all the way, just a little...." Your hand begins to move a little faster now, your cock seeming to get even harder. You move closer so that your cockhead is right in front of my mouth. I lick the slit, tasting you, and start to slowly suck you into my hot wet mouth, my finger moving in my cunt, slowly, churning up all the hot flowing juices. Holding your cock, and still stroking it, you begin to feed it to me, and I eagerly suck it in, inch by rock hard inch, until my lips are wrapped around the root and the head is deep in my throat. You begin to fuck my mouth, slowly at first,

and I caress your balls with my other hand, feeling them begin to tense, feeling your cock begin to throb and pulse in my mouth. My fingers are moving rapidly now, wanting to come as you come in my mouth...... You slowly pull your glistening cock from my hungry mouth and move my fingers from my pussy. You lock your elbows under my knees, my legs

across your shoulders and push your cock towards my dripping cunt. Holding it with one hand, you rub the head of it along my juicy slit up to my clit, teasing me, Back up again and you slowly slip the head between my cunt lips. I try to thrust my hips upward, wanting every inch of you in me, but you have my legs pinned and I can`t. You feel my cunt trying

to suck you in, grasping at you greedily, but you don`t move. "Please fuck me!" I moan, my hands rubbing at my clit. "I want to come!" You slap my hand away. "No, not yet!" you tell me. "I want you to beg me to fuck you," you say, pushing your cock in a little further. Then

you pull it back out so once again the head is nestled between my cunt lips. I am writhing on the desk now, wanting to feel your cock all the way in me, filling me to the hilt.

"Beg for it, or I`ll stop!" you say, slamming it in one long hard stroke and then pulling it almost all the way out again. "Oh yes!" I scream, "Please, please fuck me now! I want all of your cock in me! Fuck me, fuck me!" Your hot mouth covers mine, drowning out my moans, as you shove your cock all the way into my cunt and begin fucking me hard. Your tongue is raping my mouth as your cock plunges in and out of my cunt, filling it. My cunt grips your cock even tighter as I start to come, my screams filling your mouth. You feel my cunt pulsing around

your cock as my juice stream out. You withdraw your cock from my cunt and stand up.

"But YOU didn`t come," I protest. "Oh, I will, I will, you`ll see," you smile and I wonder what you are going to do to me now. Your cock is slick with my juices and throbs as I watch you walk to your coat closet. Reaching in, you pull a handful of ties from the closet and

return to your desk. "Roll onto your stomach," you tell me, and I do so, my belly against

the desk, feet on the floor. You begin to bind my wrists to the desk and my ankles to the desk legs, tightly, so that I can`t move. I can feel my come puddles beneath my belly and still some oozes from my cunt. "Do you want more?" you ask me, slipping one finger into my cunt and

stroking slowly. "Yes...." I moan, pushing myself onto your plunging finger. You slip your finger from my cunt, smearing it with my juices and gently slipping your finger inside.

Your other hand is softly stroking my clit, feeling it grow hard again. “Do you like it?" you ask me, and I answer you with a moan. Your fingers are moving faster on my clit now, every now and then sliding into my cunt to smear the juice over my clit. "If you don`t beg, I won`t come, and neither will you." Your fingers are rubbing my clit harder and I know I am close to the edge. My moans seem to send you over the edge, Your breathing intensifies with your plunges. "Rub your clit!" you say, "Rub it and come with me!" Your cock seems to grow even harder inside me and I begin to finger my clit in time with your rapid plunges, deeper and deeper you push, faster and faster, until I feel as if you are going to rip me in two. Suddenly your cock swells inside of me just as I start to come, and you shoot stream after stream of hot pulsating cum deep into me."Yes! Ahhhhhhhh YES!" you scream, your cock buried deep inside me, and I explode at that instant also, in a loud shriek of orgasmic pleasure. I feel your come dripping from my cunt, there is so much of it, as you slowly withdraw your cock from me and untie me. When I turn to face you, you are dressed again. You gently pull my skirt down over my aching pussy and give me a long, deep kiss. "You`re hired," you tell me."You can start tomorrow, and be prepared to take lots of DICK-tation !"

And i do like dick tation!!!