17 Aug 2017

It was late one evening or it could have been early the morning when I felt his one hand around my throat and his other hand sliding down my body. His fingers start playing with my clit as his grip tightens around my neck. Softly he whispers into my ear what he’s going to do to me. While waking up the excitement and somewhat of fear is running down my spine.

My hips moves with the rhythm of his fingers stroking my pussy, I can feel and hear how I’m becoming wet...

He turns me around and there I lay on my back, almost numb. His finger slips into me, then the next one, I can feel him inside me, he’s finger fucking me hard, the palm of his hand slapping against my clit. It feels so good!

He’s telling me how bad I’ve been, throwing a tantrum for not having sex. And he will give it to me the way he sees fit.

Tightening his grip around my neck, he gets on top of me and takes my breasts into his one hand. Squeeze them hard, I can hear how he’s getting exited. I try to take his cock into my hands but he grabs my hands and pin them down above my head. By now I’m wide awake and look into his eyes, daring him. I dare him to find my limits. I dare him to make me use my safe word. Will he be able to rough it up enough for me?

He forces himself into me; lift my legs and thrust hard and deep. I utter a moan, part pain part pleasure. He regain his grip around my throat and choke me enough to make me light headed only aware of his weight upon me, him fucking me, harder with every thrust and his voice asking if this is enough. I refuse to give in, the fucking is amazing, him being in control and knowing he’ll take care of me afterwards make me cum in a way I did not know was possible