29 Jul 2018

Okay…..so I do want to be fucked…come on all the swinger ladies, you have felt it!?! The pulsing feeling in your clitty the yearning for satisfaction? So sad some of us only once in a while reach that ultimate climax…and then mainly by our own hand. But even more sad that some blame the men we are with…saying they are not enough, not caring enough, not listening to what we want…bull*$it!!!!

Admit it woman! YOU are wired differently that men and completely different from most woman!

So you want sex to be fun daring and above all MORE….!!!!!

What is it we want….? We as swinger wives, we all want something different from this lifestyle.

Some just want to fuck other cocks since we think our husbands are not good enough…..some of us like the thrill of having our husband watching us being fucked since then after they are all finished when comes to you…and then he FUCKS you like never before in all your years of marriage….. Since he is so turned on by fucking your pussy filled with another guy’s cum…..or even eating that “creampie”…..

Then there are us ladies…yes guys you NEVER will understand…and if you are married to one of us…just thank your lucky stars for us…We love watching you fuck another woman….

The sound she makes as you enter her…as she realises your size, if her hubby is smaller than you…or if you just hit THAT spot oh so sweetly…. Fuck knows, we love that sound since we then know she realizes what we get every time we have you enter us…..every time your cock slides in and hits that spot for us….man! Who are we to keep that to ourselves! That is why I slightly cream my panties when I hear her sigh, her soft moans….her hard breathing, her shouts of ecstasy as you pound her pussy….make her cum….

I do feel slight sadness since I did not pay as much attention to her husband as he pounded my pussy…. Luckily we found a couple where the husband is a bit of a cuckhold and he gets me…gets the love of watching our significant other fucking, being fucked good….. So as you two fuck and cum…..we love it….

Later that night, I know your cock will be hard for me, fuck me as I want, make me cum as I want….since I already came so hard lying next to her as you fuck her and feeling her cum from your good cock…..