08 Jul 2018

Okey….so if I told you to just come fuck me would you? No strings attached no “taking around the bush”... Straight up you get your ass here, fuck my pussy till you come, remembering you have to wear a condom, and then you get to go.

What your would your answer be?

I am an over horny wife. Not like most women but, yes at occasion I have no interest in sex, however other times….I am not sure one or even two cocks would be enough. Sometimes it takes a lot for me to orgasm, and then also is it a real orgasm?

At times I feel like a dominatrix getting off on other’s orgasms, watching your face, hearing your sounds & voice as you come….That makes my pussy pulse and feel hot….still needing me to feel that thick throbbing cock pushing in and out of her fucking me so deep….yet then it comes pulsing and coming deep in me and my walls contract around the hot throbbing cock as I feel it come, heating up in the sounds you make as you come…..

Still my pussy is unsatisfied….she needs more…wants to eat more…wants more of you to pulse and come for her…..she accesses and loves your orgasms…even more so if you remove the condom and come all over my stomach…letting your hot come hit my skin….

My clit pulses just thinking of having you hit my pussy so hard until you shoot your load….

Shit I need you to come fuck my pussy with my husband’s cock in my ass…..then when he comes I need you to fuck me hard….then when you come, I need you be man enough… To not feel intimidated if I have another cock to come fuck me or me playing myself to orgasm…..

So…my pussy will keep aching till I get to fuck your cock hard, deep and long….and maybe after I get you to come…. Could start fucking me all over again?