Written by Martin

07 Apr 2016

You say you only need my body

You only want sex, and then I must go.

Is that what you really want?

Just a fuck-and-go?

I rather would like to linger a little bit longer

for you to lay in my arms and enjoy the amazing afterglow of a shared orgasm.

I do not want to feel I fucked a prostitute

Fuck, and walk away,

Fuck, and never see you again.

The boundaries of NSA are broad enough to hold friendships for lovers.

I want to know about you life, your feelings, your fears

I want to remember you birthday

I want to know about your world without interfering in it.

I want to be part of it.

That is friendship.

I don't want to fuck just for today, but for tomorrow too.

For the day will come when the desire will pass

and the memory of the orgasms will fade.

It is the friendships that will endure, long after we parted our ways.

When I'm past my prime I want to think about you

how are you doing, are you happy, do you remember me too?

I will want to wish you a happy birthday, maybe meet for coffee for old times sake.

When I'm 80 I want to invite all my lovers to my birthday party

I want them to remember the good times we had

Share the awkward moments, the funny ones, and the tender ones too.

I want to laugh with them about my past performance

joke about my impotence now

And when the time come for me to pass on

I want to go with a smile on my face,

Knowing I lived a full life,

knowing we will meet again in the life hereafter.

I ask again: Is that all you want?

Just a fuck-and-go?

(Originally written 21st Apr 2013 at 1:28pm )