23 Apr 2019

As we drove off towards Anna’s friend’s house, I could not keep my excitement down at all, this was really happening and I would not change a thing if ever asked.

I know the area all to well where we going as I stay around this part of the woods and Anna’s indicator pull me back to reality as she opens the gate and pull into the yard parking in front of the garages, I follow suite and switch off the engine, she looks at me and I notice that she got a devilish smile in her eyes, omg I love those eyes.

She takes my hand and leads me to the front door; she fumbles the keys trying to hide her nervousness or might that be excitement knowing off what’s about to happen.

As I close the door, I pull her towards me, kissing her and she replies with passion that I have not yet felt in a very long time, deep long kiss as our hand roam over each other’s bodies trying to undress, tearing the obstacles from our bodies…. I push her away, pull her shirt over her head and glare at the most beautiful small full perky breasts, her small brown nipples clearly excited stands out behind the frail lingerie. My eyes are feasting on her and she starts to unbutton, unzip my denim, dropping it down effortlessly, displaying my rock hard pulsating cock in full glory, wow the cool breeze makes me shiver and she giggles as I pull her closer once more, this time I am steering us towards the couches in the living room, I don’t know what or how but all I can feel is my heart pumping harder and harder as I lay her down on the nearest couch, I bend over kissing her, slowly lowering my body until I lay on top of her, my hands caressing her breast as I start to nibble her ear.

Anna’s breathing is like mine a steam train at full pace, with no brakes in site nor destination ahead, as I kiss her in her neck lower and lower until I am in-between her perking breast, kissing the valley, using the tip of my tongue to lick as I push her breasts together, they aren’t huge leaving me space to enjoy myself.

Kissing and licking her nipples one by one encircling each nipple with my tongue and taking them into my mouth, Anna are moaning as she holds onto my head, encouraging me not to stop. I dare not as I might awake and find that it is only a dream. After a while I am making my way down south, mmmmmmm her perfect naval, placing kisses all over it and softly blowing on my kisses, she is loader now, her flat tummy as I move closer and closer, I start to smell that all familiar musky smell, she is ripe for the picking.

I pull up and look her into her eyes, then at her sexy wet pussy, perfection does not have a word, she reaches down placing her middle finger in her parting her lips, placing her wet finger into my mouth. OMG she taste so sweet, could any forbidden fruit taste better than this.

I place my mouth over her lips sucking onto her pussy like a creepy crawly, as my tongue licks her clit, her clit is swollen and very sensitive to my touch, she arches her back pressing her pussy into my mouth as I lick and suck, I can tell she’s close to orgasm as her legs starts to pull closer clamping my head in-between, not stopping at all, I keep going licking and sucking, pulling her lips gently with my teeth, inserting my tongue as deep as I can into her pussy, her moans are loader, she’s begging me not to stop, as she stiffens, grabbing hold either side of my head and pushing me deeper as I as I can go, fuck it feels so good, she relaxes her hold on me and I lookup her eyes are shut.

I smile to myself as I wipe her love juices from my face, I move up till the head of my cock touches her lips, knowing that I would not need much to push myself into her, as she’s so wet. I position myself in such a manner on top of her that I could control the amount of cock she gets to feel, teasing her as I only presses the head between her lips, then withdrawing, then the head and a little more, then withdrawing it, I can feel that she pushes her pelvis up, meeting me halfway wanting me all inside her, she start begging me to insert myself and fuck her hard and fast.

I am almost halfway in and without her expecting it I ram my cock into her till I can feel myself squashing her clit, she gasps out load, as my 17cm cock fills her pussy to the rim. ‘Yes, Yes fuck me, don’t ever stop fucking me I want it all, I want your cum inside me” was the last words I can remember as I started to fuck her slowly picking up the pace, harder, faster, deeper slamming my balls against her perfect ass. OMG she is so tight and I know if I keep on fucking her like this I will not last long. But she wants it and I will give it to her more than once.

We kept on fucking for about 3 hours that morning, I came 3 times and after countless orgasms we laid naked and spent next to each other on the carpet in the lounge, out of breath…….. talking softly, Anna’s curling up against me laying her head on my chest, as I hold onto her. Running her finger nails on my tummy, I feel a stir in my loins.

Anna’s texted me today, saying that she is not one for complaining bet her pussy and clit is still sore from our meeting wanting to know when can we meet again. She has to have me again as she cannot look at another man without seeing me looking into her eyes as we fucked again and again.

If Anna only knew I am hurting a little too.