Written by Marush

20 Sep 2016


We can talk all night until the sunrise

Go on and on about the same old shit

But I’m starting to tune out conversation

Getting kind of bored with this back and forth

There is a side of me that just want to scream out

Rather have you kneeling down

Pleasing the growth, hands then mouth

Sucking it harder, deeper, faster

With drool running down

We had a day to remember

Dinner and dancing with a bonfire

Was exciting and fun with plenty of special moments

But now I want to take the to the bedroom

Full fill your dick in my pussy

I want to feel your smooth skin in my arms

Fucking me hard against the wall

Thrusting back and forth with force

Having me scream out bloody murder

In my mind you are mine

In my mind you are mine

I’m licking my lips as I fantasize

You keep talking like I’m still listening

Thinking maybe I can take your kiss by force

Then rip off your clothes

One by one till you completely exposed

I want to see down on you

How you grip me by pulling my locks as you thrust

My legs quivers and thigh ache with delight

You groom out as you cum deep…no cuddling just sleep