28 Jul 2016

My wife and I have always had an active and spicy sex life with fantasies that suited both our needs, mine was of course not as popular with my wife as she wanted it to be just about us ,which is a normal thing in a marriage I suppose ! I just wanted her to explore more ,and therefore wanted her to feel and do what she desired in a sexual way as I found that she was holding back for reasons that I would think less of her b#ut me being me it had the opposite effect- the thought of other men seducing and fucking my wife aroused me a lot ,while having sex and fantasizing about threesomes I noticed she would get very wet when mentioning about another mans cock inside of her ,I kept on trying to convince her to have a real threesome to her it was a done deal but that's just before she cums and after that it is not mentioned again-then one day we went out got kind of pissed and met up with an old friend ,we ended up at home with the two of us making sexual remarks and requests towards my wife ,my wife got annoyed with us and lost her temper and said if you guys don't stop she is not going to do what she had planned ,and of course we reacted by saying what shall that be ?she turned to us lifted her skirt up and flashed her clean shaven pussy at us panties missing ,we looked at each other and pulled her nearer and started to touch and explore her body she was wet as I have never seen her before she ended up giving us a blowjob and demanded us to double penetrate her ,I was shocked but went with it ..she had about 10 ongoing orgasms after each other, this was the first time I had ever seen her cum so many times ....after he had left she turned to me and said "now that is done I want to have a black cock in me while I suck you ..." I was shocked and had no words as I have never thought she would open up like that ..the thought of what she said made me hard in an instant ..what followed next put me in a world that I never knew existed !! please read part two of my story- coming soon- PLS LEAVE COMMENT