14 Jan 2019

Have you ever seen someone going crazy about a redhead or let's make it 2 people going gaga over some chick so me and hubby have been here for quit some time now and our first in counters was a bit rusty and not that good. So for us never really talked about what kind of girl I like or what kind of girl he likes just to set our minds at ease we decided that I can pick any girl and he won't say a word. So one Saturday night we decided okay tonight it's date night so we are going into town and just pick a bar and relax so half way into sipping a cocktail and hubby's bear this beautiful girl approaches us asking me if she can borrow my lighter sure thing I say and give her the lighter. Now I can see hubby likes her and just to make some small talk I tell her she has beautiful red hair and she laughed and said yes she did the red hair just to piss her ex boyfriend off and having a small conversation about life she decides to tel me that she rather prefer having girlfriends with benefits even though many of her friends are married she likes to play around I laugh and tel her that hubby and myself are into the lifestyle so no judging. So she starts playing with my hair and as for hubby he is just sitting there watching me do my thing we decide okay lets do this a all night thing look for another bar. When we get to the car I tel hubby I will sit at the back with her just to see how and where this is going. So we get into the car and I start by touching her leg and obviously paying attention to what ever she is doing so we talk almost all the way. Hubby says how about a detour and we tell him yes why not so we find this park not far outside of town. Hubby parks the car and turns around to see how I am kissing and touching her all over feeling that she is so wet I just want to taste her so I lift her dress up to view that perfect boobs round as can be so I start sucking those nipples kissing and tucking on them with my lips. Hubby is so hard he can't even control it anymore so I tel him to fuck me and fuck me hard. He doesn't think twice and lifts up my dress. Fuck his harder than ever before I can see is so horny his cock is dripping. I start massaging that small perfect pussy of her and now I want to taste her I start playing my tongue over a perfect shaped pussy playing with her clit eating her up as good as I can slipping in one finger at a time eating and penetrating het hubby is slamming my wet pussy and fucking me hard. Fuck I am going to cum harder baby fuck I am Cumming. I decide that its hubby's turn with our beautiful red head so I help him slip his still hard cock into that beautiful pussy as I am sucking on that clit I can see she is enjoying it. Hubby is fucking her good ( he does so good with my toy girls) I kiss hubby and he says fuck babe I want to cum so I remove his cock from her pussy and start sucking on him playing with it in my mouth and red head joins me and hubby enjoys it. And he cums all over us. We get dressed and we drop her of at another bar and hubby and I get home. Hubby is still horny so............... Story for another day