Written by kinkyswingers

17 Nov 2012

one sunday morning i sat on my bed as i just woke up my friend called me and siad i must come over his name is jc . i then got dress and went to him ,as i arived he open the door invite me in and gave me something to drink .we chatted and joke around and all of a sudden his sisters boyfriend knock on the door to ask if cindy (jc sister ) was there . jc siad no, but told him he can wiat for her she left to visit her friend and wil be back shortly .while we wiat jc started to talk about how long we be friends and if i would allow things like foreplay and friend with benefits so i started thinking it could hurt butsiad no becuese jc sisters boyfriend was there .then the fhone ringed it was jc sister that told us she was giong to the movies with her friend jc hanged up the fhone told tony (jc sisters boyfriend ) she was giong out . tony then siad okey and stayed . i went to the bathroom as i sat there jc knock on the door and ask i must let him in i told him no and he kept on asking .when i came out he pulled me to his room and ask me if i would allow him to fuck me i siad yes becuese after all the talk i was hot and wet . i then ask what about tony and jc told me i ask him if he wanted to jion us he siad his . jc took me to his room removed my shirt and then he called tony jc was busy licking ans sucking my tits ,my bra was already off tony came in and start kissing me his hand went down my pants i could feel how his thick finger went in my pussy ,tony after a while pulled his finger out took off my jeans ang g-string and started licking me jc took out his cock adn put it in my mouth i sucked him dry .they went on like that for about a half an hour swaping around then jc stick his cock in me and ram me hard while i suck off tony after a while tony came at the back and gave me anal and jc pound my pussy .then tony pulled out and cum in my mouth and also jc than yhey siad i must swalow and i did even tony siad that cindy cant give him that action jc just look at him. and us tree did it alot