30 Dec 2015

As I lay on my bed I find it difficult to breath. It is humid and hot. I cannot sleep as it is my first night at the hotel. The only clothes that I have on is a lace g string and matching bra. My body is covered with little drops of sweat. I am so horny, my pussy is burning up. My clit is throbbing. I just had to touch it. My nipples hard as rock. As I lay on my back I slowly put my hand inside my soaking wet panty...my middle finger caressing my yearning swollen clit. I slip my in my pussy. I can feel the warmth inside me building up like a raging fire. I arch my back as I start to please myself. My eyes are closed and I didn't hear a faint knock on the door. The person who is suppose to clean my room came in. I opened my eyes. I don't know who was more shocked him or me. He was a tall handsome Italian man. With hair as black as night and eyes that burns a hole in you. He just stood there. His eyes on me. He looked so inviting. I continued to please myself. It was not long or the stranger started to rub his crotch. I got up and walked towards him. Without saying a word I put my hand on his free hand and placed it on my soaking wet pussy. I kissed him...deeply passionately. Then without any warning he grabbed me by the shoulders and flung me on the bed. Kissing me...rubbing his hard cock against me. It was so hot...his hands all over my body. He took out his cock and pull my panties down. He kissed me...my neck...my tits . He shoved his hardend cock in me. He fuck me...again and again. We both cum at the same time. He moved his head towards my pussy . He licked up all the sweet honey. He did not spare my still throbbing clit. I tangled my fingers through his long black hair while he ate me. Sucking and enjoying the sweet nectar of love.

The end