Written by peter_just4u

21 Aug 2012

I was invited for a braai at the sister-in-laws place, to watch the rugby, we had the fire lit, drinks were flowing, then the sister-in-law came out of the house in her bikini, boy did she look great. i started getting aroused, she got into the Jacuzzi and sat there sipping her drink, her breast showing over the water, this was slowly make me hot.

Then her hubby stripped to his underpants and got in with her, then turned to me and said get in, i obeyed, then things started to warm up, he pulled off her top, and both her breasts poped out, they were round and they pointed upwards, i then went and sat next to them, she took us both one cock in each hand, and started stroking us both, then next thing all our cloths were off, we stood up she then took us both sucking our cocks smiling as she side down our shafts, by this time i was so hard.

She sat on the edge of the jacuzzi and open her legs, it was a good site to look at, i went down on her licking her clint, sucking it until it was hard, she then got up and told me to sit down, she kneed in front of me, taking my hard cock in her mouth, i watched as her hubby mounted her from behind, pounding her hot wet pussy, she was moaning but still sucking my cock, then her hubby and i swopped places, i slide my cock into her pussy, slowly at first, pushing it all the way in,then she shout out fuck me hard, i obeyed, i pounded hard feeling my balls hitting her clit, faster and harder while she suck her hubbies cock.

she the stood up and i slide out her pussy my cock hard dripping with juices, her then pushed her hubby down and mounted his hard cock, i watched as it slipped inside her, i was stroking my cock, then she leaned more forward and told me to fuck her ass, i stepped forward and pulled her cheeks apart and pushed my head into her ass slowly, she moaned, as i slowly pushed deeper into her ass until i was all the way in, then i fucked her ass while hubby was in her pussy, we both, hubby and me fucked her, she moaned and said dont stop and heared her saying that she was cumming, could not hold on any longer and stated that i was about to cum in her ass, i also heared her hubby saying that he was about to cum, i cum in her ass and her hubby cum in her too.

She then stood up and asked if we want another drink, we both said yes. when she returned with the drinks she stated to me that the other half must not know, i said my lips are sealed, and that i hope that we can do this again, they both laughed and said yes we must.