Written by Me

25 Jun 2017

Hi all. Hope this is a start to my page of life here goes

Been at work for the day and i know her for a long time we flirt alot and play around touching eachother when no one is wotching.

On this specific day we both had this urge of wanting to know wot it felt like to have eachother so we messaged eachodther and it was more off "whats under your uniform" sort off which turned out to be let me show you. So we got to swoping pictures and we both loved what we saw but wanted the real feeling of being with eachother. We kept texting back and forth the entier morning till we started to plot the entier thing of where, when and how. As time flew by it was around 12pm and i could tel she was wet and horny from the pictures she sent me earlier. We decided lets go for a smoke and on the balcony we went. As we enter theres a stairway at the far end where nobody goes to so i led nd to my surprise she followed. As she got there i stood against the wall and i waited which seemed like forever finaly she got to me and i pulld he close and started to kiss her as my hands traveled all over her sexcy body. She den stuck her hand in my pants and started to rub my cock she looked at me and said " i wana taste you" i then let her do as she pleased .she gt down pulled my pants down to my knees then my speedos down. She took me in her mouth sucking my cock and wow she gave me some good head. I pulled her up pushed her against the wall pulled down her pants and as i felt inbtween her legs i then realized she was not wearing any undawear that got me more hard. I started to rub her clit as she spread her legs my fingers ran down and she was extremly wet that my finger jus sliped into her pussy.she moaned a little loud and i then got down and started to suck her.her one leg on my shoulderher hands holding my head as i run my tung up and down her pussy. She starts to breath heavily and pulls my head into her pussy i feel her juices flow down on my tung she pulls me up and kisses me as she guides my cock into her. She says ohhhh this is not goin to work and pulls me towards the stairway.she bends over and looks at me saying baby please fuck me hard. I then rubed her pussy fingering her as she is in this position as i slip my finger out she grabs my hand and sucks my finger i felt a lil precum ooz out my cock and she could see that realy turned me on. She then grabed my hard cock and directed me into her pussy. She rubed my cock up nd down her clit before pushing me in. She moaned loudly cauz she was tyt. I then went slowly pushing in deep and sliping out. I then got to slide in and out of her she spread her ass as i looked down i could see her ass hole ohhh so sexcy i then sucked on my finger and played with her asshole as i fucked her.she moaned and said to me " slip it in baby" i pushed my finger in and she started to moan and i could feel her juices build up. I started to go faster and she said she was about to cum i kept goin deep in and out of her as she came i had to hold her up all her juices on my cock i could feel her cuming and it made me wana cum. I told her im about to cum she started to motion her ass back and forth riding my hard cock and she stoped she den went down and stated to suck my cock taking me deep into her mouth and sucking off all her pussy cum. She goes faster and rubs my balls as she sucks me i held her head and started to fuck her mouth i could feel her tung trying to reach the end of my cock but she couldnt i finaly came in her mouth she sucke me clean swallowed every drop.

We the straightened up and walked back in she looked at me winked and went to the bathroom she sent me a text asking me when can we do it again. She then told me to look in my pocket which i did and felt that her lace gstring was in my pocket. I told her ok got that but how she said that i can return it on our next session.

We both went back to working as normal but cudnt stop smiling at eachother evrytime we crossed paths.

Wel many more to come if this is liked lol take care till next time