Written by Susan Dolly

25 Nov 2012

Something is different today. I can't put my finger on it, but it is unmistakably there. From the moment I woke up. You had been asking me a lot of questions lately about my fantasies, but you quieted down a few days ago. Your silence, however, didn't hinder my imagination, which is usually in overdrive but today it was working double time. Your incessant probing finally got to me, as I began to mastermind a new fantasy. My thoughts had found their way into my dreams, as clouds wafting in and out; I could see them but couldn't quite make them out. They were there, but they weren't. I awoke with anticipation. My hand lazily snaked its way between my thighs and found exactly what I expected - a swollen clit and a lot of wetness. I lightly rubbed myself and rolled over in the warm, rumpled sheets looking for you. You were gone. I quit playing with myself, thinking it best to save it for later. Had I been reading too much James Redfield lately? Probably. And if this was the case and I followed my intuition, I was in for a doozy. But what, I still didn't know.

As my day progressed, I began dwelling more on fantasy. I hadn't been tied up in a while and it was suddenly extremely appealing. I had never been blindfolded and added this to my fantasy. It was certainly a good thing I was on my lunch hour, and dining alone in the office break room; I couldn't concentrate on anything to save me. A friend of mine once told me of a sexual experience in which his sight and sound had been deprived. He had been blindfolded by his lover, who also insisted that he wear headphones and listen to music while she had her way with him. He explained to me that because his sight and sound were deprived, his other senses kicked in gear. He shared the experience in detail, which had highly aroused me at the time. He said it was the most erotic sexual experience he'd ever had. As this memory came back to me, other ideas also wandered in and out, making me hornier by the minute. God, I couldn't wait to get home!

A hot fantasy swirled around in my head on the drive home: to watch my lover fuck another woman. This one almost always drives me to masturbation. I can visualize him tweaking her nipples and massaging her breasts as he stands before her while she gives him a blow job. I can see her with her ass high up in the air, doggy style, while he fucks her madly, then he cums all over her ass. She watches me as I watch her; I instruct her every move. I can't get home quick enough, I definitely need to cum and hope you're home too. When I turn the corner, I am thrilled (not to mention relieved) to see your truck in the driveway. But there's also another car parked in front of the house, one not familiar to me. Damn! Company!

I walked into the house, expecting to see someone trying to sell you something. Instead, I saw nothing and heard nothing. As a matter of fact, there were no lights on and even though the sun hadn't set yet, it was somewhat dark inside. I wandered through the living room to the kitchen; nothing. I checked the back patio and it was empty also. Maybe you went for a walk, who knows? I turned back to the kitchen and headed down the hallway to our sanctuary, the master bedroom. Sometimes I refer to it as my playground but whatever I call it, it most certainly is my favorite room in the house. Our king size bed is a four-poster rail system and high enough off the floor that I need a little stepladder to climb in. It's covered by a down comforter and topped with a dozen pillows of various shapes, sizes and colors. The bedroom is extremely large and is also where my computer is set up. It's tucked into a terrific little nook with its own window that looks out into our private backyard. I like to think of it as my own space in which to sit and write.

As an Internet junkie, the computer is always the first place I head when I get home. The bedroom door was closed and I thought that was unusual, as it's always open. I even thought I saw light flickering from under the door but discarded that as my imagination. When I opened the door, I was surprised to see lit candles, lots of them, scattered throughout the room. The glow it cast was hypnotic, and the fragrance was somewhere between vanilla and lavender. It appeared to me that the glow from the candles was placing an emphasis on the bed, as it seemed to somehow stand out from the rest of the room. It just looked different for some reason and I couldn't take my eyes off it. I saw movement to my right and looked over to see you walking up to me, wearing only a towel around your waist. Your smile is loving and contagious and I can't help but smile back. I also notice the hard-on developing under your towel and instinctively reach for it but my advances are cut short. You take my hands and place them at my side and ask me to close my eyes. Of course, I look quizzically at you but I do trust you. As I close them, I hear rustling and am startled as I feel something silky on my face. I grin while you blindfold me with one of my silk scarves. I'm instantly wet with anticipation!

I feel your fingers as they unbutton my blouse and pull it out of my skirt. Your hands slip inside my blouse and their warmth travels up my sides and to my shoulders, where they caress my arms as my blouse falls to the floor. Your hands never leave my body, and they travel next to the back of my skirt, unzipping it, stroking my hips and thighs as my skirt falls in a heap at my feet. I'm now only wearing black thigh highs, a thong and matching bra, and my heels. I hear your breath suck in and can feel your eyes roaming over every curve on my body. My nipples are hard and tingle and I want to be touched more, but I stand still. I feel your hand on the back of my calf and you lift my foot off the floor, removing first one shoe, then removing the other. Your hand slips into mine and squeezes it, leading me to the bed. You guide me to my stepladder and ask me to get comfortable in the middle of the bed, and then help me to arrange the pillows so I'm comfortable. The anticipation is just about killing me.

Suddenly you gently grab my left wrist and the familiar texture of silk is wrapped around it; my arm is pulled but not overly tight in the direction of the post. As you're tying me to the post, I am shocked when my right wrist is wrapped in silk, my arm pulled and tied to the other head post. I am speechless and breathless, my head reeling with a thousand different thoughts, as warm hands run down my arms, to the sides of my breasts and further down my sides, over my hips and each of them grabbing a leg. In synchronicity, as if they had practiced this, they remove my thigh highs. I am most focused on my right side, the unfamiliar touch. I can't tell just yet if it's a woman or a man, I just know the touch is warm. Again in synchronicity, my ankles are wrapped in silk and tied to the foot posts. My clit is throbbing with anticipation and curiosity is getting the best of me.

Both of you climb up onto the bed, on either side of me. No one has spoken. I feel a weight shift on my left as you move and settle between my spread legs. The only thing I feel is one finger tracing my pussy lips on my damp thong, and I jerk involuntarily. I breathe in deeply through my nose, catching the scent from the candles. The finger becomes more insistent and has managed to wedge its way between my lips, wondrously rubbing my clit through my now soaked panties. I realize that I am trying to spread my legs more and can't. I begin grinding my hips into your finger and want more. I am so hot and feel like I could cum quick. "Lick me, baby," I plead. The body on my right finally moves, brushing against me. It's you! "Where would you like me to lick you?" you whisper in my ear. Still blindfolded, my head strains to the right. I'm surprised to realize that someone else is playing with my cunt, I just knew that it had to be you.

The finger between my legs moves my panties to the side, exposing my shaved and glistening lips. It strokes my clit, and the body attached to that hand shifts position. The warm, soft body of a woman is pressed against my thigh. I feel her full breasts on my leg, and her face brushes the inside of my thigh. Her tongue assaults me, licking up and down my slit, and circles wildly around my clit, flicking it. A rather loud groan escapes me. "Take this fucking blindfold off me!" I demand. "Patience," you whisper, and unexpectedly you put our cordless headphones on my head and over my ears. I feel you climb off the bed and assume you're going to turn on the stereo. I am filled with the sound of Prince in my head, singing "Cream." I just love fucking to some of his songs and this was not lost on you; it appears you made a CD of my favorites, probably just for this occasion. "Take this blindfold off!" I shouted, and I was ignored.

You came back to the bed, on my right, and she crawled up between my legs, I could feel her straddling my body. You leaned over and kissed me, wetly, your hands caressing my face and wandering down to my bra. My tits are straining to be let loose. Your hand slips inside and rubs my already hard nipple. Her hand slips inside my other cup and pinches my nipple. Oh, fuck, do I want to cum! She leans over and plants kisses on the tops of my breasts, and you finally grab the front clasp which springs my tits free. "U Got the Look" is playing now, and I'm getting hotter by the second. This business of not being able to see and hear you is driving me nuts but on the other hand it's so fucking erotic! Your familiar hands rub my tits, her body pressed onto mine. Wow, she feels sooo good. She straddles my thigh and begins rubbing her pussy on me. I can feel her wetness on my leg as she fucks it to the rhythm of "Get Off." She kneads my nipples and takes one into her mouth while she continues humping my thigh.

I feel you shift position next to her as you take my other nipple into your mouth. Your hard dick rubs against my leg and I want to suck it. All I feel is warm bodies and wet tongues on me and I want to fucking explode. Who is this woman rubbing her cunt on my thigh and sucking on my nipples? I think I'm going to cum because I'm so turned on. I never would have guessed something like this would be so... mind blowing. And just when I have almost decided I don't want to know who this woman is, you pull the blindfold and headphones off. You lean down to kiss me again and instruct this woman to go down on me some more. As she slides down to tongue fuck me some more, I am startled to see that she's a complete stranger to me. I am also struck by her and I want to fuck her. A thousand more thoughts rush through my head and I rush them right back out, not wanting to think at this particular moment.

Her tongue is back in my cunt again, fucking it for all it's worth. I am enthralled watching her and immensely enjoying the way she feels between my legs. There is truly nothing like the feel of another woman between them. I moan uncontrollably and feel an orgasm building, as much as I want to hold off. You are at my side, your ass resting on your heels, and stroking your dick while you watch this woman fuck me with her glorious tongue. "Get down there with her," I tell you, and without objection from you! And there you both are, your tongues dancing circles around my clit. I jerk involuntarily again and begin bucking into your faces. I strain to be free from my confinement so I can hold both your faces in my pussy, but to no avail. I want to cum but I don't want to cum but I want to cum and God, does it feel glorious to have two tongues licking my slit. Without warning, I am at the point of no return and quit breathing at the moment I get to the edge and fall into ecstasy. The waves subside and I strain again to get free but I still can't.

You begin kissing each other and licking my juices off your faces. I want to fuck both of you! Instead, I watch as you grope this woman as you both lay between my legs. She slides down on the bed some and you slip your cock between her tits and begin fucking them. A low moan escapes you and you fuck her tits for a few more minutes, watching your cock slide between them. Suddenly you get up and grab her with you, positioning her doggy style over my legs so I can see your profiles. I want to get in on the action so bad! Your hands on her ass, you shove your hard dick inside her and pull her back into you quickly. Fast and furious you fuck her. I watch the look on your faces and how much you're both enjoying it. And just as quickly you pull out of her and bring your juicy cock over to me, rubbing it on my face. "Let me lick it off," I beg. And you let me. "You're a good little cocksucker," you groan. "I think I'm going to fuck you."

You proceed to untie my ankles, and then rub my legs and help me stretch them out after being prone. That doesn't last long, before you've grabbed my ankles and have my legs hoisted up in the air, fucking me. While you're fucking me she has come to sit on my face to let me enjoy her cunt as she faces you, my legs in the air and her body pressed into yours. Your tongues are entwined while you fuck me and she grinds into my face. You let go of my ankles and I wrap my legs around your waist as you continue to thrust into me, rhythmically, and deeper. I can feel you getting harder. You rub her tits and bend over to take one into your mouth. Her grinding gets more insistent and her clit swells more. "Oh, God," she moans as she cums on my face. And in the next moment I hear your groans as you cum. Pulling your cock out, your cum shoots all over the front of her and she rubs it on herself.