Written by Will1001

21 Nov 2011

She laid beside me,close enough for me to be fully engulfed in her scent, a scent that sent my senses into overdrive.The line between my sanity and ruthless abandonment was becoming very thin and grew narrower with her every breath that swept by my yearning skin.

She stirred gracefully,each movement more sensual.Was this my imagination? Could this be possible?Was I hopelessly seduced by a sleeping beauty?...No! This woman whom I call my best friend; now elevated to the stature of Goddess in my primal imagination,I could not conceive such thoughts before. Why now?

My basic instinct drew a hazy cloud over good judgement, my member was firm as the wooden oak bed posts, where we slept as friends or at least she slept while I fought with myself. Do I? What happens if she doesn't want me? What if she does want me?

She came by my place after we had spent the day sightseeing, we live cities apart, and had not spent time together the entire year.She was staying with family but as it was already dark out, we decided that she would stay over for the night.Sleeping arrangements never crossed our minds.We were soaked in good company so much so that we never stopped to think about it the entire evening. As we settled down and the city lights,and sounds dimmed, we realized our dilemma neither saying anything about the matter,when I noticed that she was clearly exhausted and wanted to rest.I obliged and offered to spend the night on the couch,as sweet as she is she refused and jokingly made me promise that I wont peak under the sheets if we slept in the same bed.I giggled and responded with a smart remark,we often joked like this we were very comfortable around each other.Strangely sex never entered the equation.

Very much latter that night just as I was about to finally fall asleep,in the most gentle unconscious stir, she touched my shoulder and placed her arm on my chest,I instinctively moved closer, then her warm leg came over mine.Eventually we were spooning. I felt slight guilt as I was fully awake.My dick against her tender thighs, the mere thought of entering her made me cum a bit, holding back at this point was hard.Finally I though Fuck it! Grabbed her perfectly round ass with all the intent and intensity that had built up inside me.

Then out of the blue I felt her soft lips and tongue on my neck.Half asleep she moaned as I slid my hands over her firm breasts, she rubbed herself against my rock hard cock slowly, staring into my eyes.We kissed passionately exploring once forbidden fruits.I then lifted her by the waist and brought her pussy towards my face, she was dripping all over me.I swear a sweeter pussy does not exist,I utterly consumed her pussy juices.She screamed without holding back as she climaxed multiple times while riding my tongue.

From behind with her bent over I entered her for the very first time, she was tight and sensitive.I had never knew she could scream the way she did.Her moaning further aroused me,holding onto the bed posts for thrust I pounded her harder and harder.I came inside her and she jerked as my cum squirted quite strongly inside her we could both feel it.

This went on the entire night til the early morning.I fucked her from every angle my dick had never been that hard for that long.

The entire time we never spoke much even after the sex, we where too embarrassed, things were awkward for a short while but we got over that.

We continue having sleeping arrangement dilemmas,and till this day we continue to be best friends.