Written by W1ldone

02 Feb 2017

Been awhile since i continued after the meeting and me sucking the soul out of him I got home stil tasting him in my mouth when i heard a know at the aprtment door opening it he was in the door way James bow you know where i lived. He simply replied with we got the same friends . I let him in asking he want something to drink he replies yes i would with one swoop his foot slams the door closed and he slams me against the wall face to face Looking at him feeling how his finger tips slowly runs down my neck ovet my breast he slowly grunts looking away down my legs Me holding stil watching how his eyes traces along my body feeling my body reaction to it before feeling his hands slide across my neck tilting it to the side followed by his lips. Before he looks up and kissed me like no one else ever did it was rough and hard but so good then he whispers i know i shouldny have came but i wanne feel you from the inside . I gulped slightly as he lifts me up legs wraped around him feeling how hard he is he puts me on the couch turning me around ass up head down feeling his and traveling around my back before feeling a smack on my ass. Another before his hand runs over my pussy lips then another he slowly pulls my yoga pants down revealing my ass to him watches him biting his lip before i feel how my panties are pulled off standing bend over half neked looking foward then suddenly feels his mouth kissing one ass cheeck licking it sliding is face over it to the other one them pulling them apart slowly feeling how it tongue slides across my pussy lips feeling how his hot tongue glides between it. Hearing him say such a bad girl being this wet then sucking my clit hard. Fuck feeling how his one finger teaseig my asshole making it wet with my juices mixed with his spit feeling how the pressure of sucking increases. Moaning harder fuck before he slides a finger in my ass and pussy fuck feeling how my legs quiver and He keeps going sucking harder fingering finding myself not able to control my legs quivering before i let out a big squirt even then his mouth is aroundu pussy drinking it Fuck trying to catch my breath then feeling his face next to mine saying taste it kissing his lips tasing it smiling at him tasting myself my juices with his spit fuck tasted good only then do i feel his hard dick slam into my pussy he leaves it there only to hear him say i wanted to be in you since the 1st day i saw you feeling how my walls are opening up feeling his pearcing pressing on the right spot Knowing in my head ima be sore tomorrow after this then another thrust his hand pushes my body down as he starts to go deeper in me and harder feeling how my body wants it how my breast sticks go the leather couch Before moaning again in pleasure hearing how our bodies smack together slowly but hard wraping his arm around my neck feeling how my body is letting go i start Jerk foward feeling him go harder faster him going thats it cum for me again letting go with a slight scream nails into the couch feeling the uncontrolable plesure before opening my eyes again hearing how he grunts and moans before feeling how he fills my pussy up with his warm juice looking back at him smiling. . To be continued