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24 Jan 2017

Forbidden fruit. 2


3 minute read

So finally sitting there in my car closing my eyes feeling how the leather seat cling to me rolling my neck slowly wondering about the messages. Befote realizing i dont have time to change in a hurry i leave the parking lot Into Fourways mall looking for a dress or something to look hot in . . I found this tight red dress Kinda hard to breath in it but it had to do and no heals had my flat pumps on with my hair loose. I Looked in the changing room at it well this got to do taking the tag off. Paying and dashing for the car . I arrived first finded the table outside in the back in the left corner was kinda confused sitting then realized probably not the best choice to say this place the girl in short pants and tops. I been nervouse like hell but this was diffrent this was unique ibgot lost in my own mind before i got a hand slam on my leg i starteled and almost fell out the chair looking up there he was being the cocky one ofcoarse replied you late with a eyebrow lifting with out getting my words out he squeezed my inner thighs and looked me in the eyes i kept still looking at his hand then back up . I asked for the waiter tequila tumbler glass 4 ice cubes he said ill have what she having . I smirked at him we talked awhile before he kissed me but the kind of kiss u go to youre self o shitttttt. I slowly let my hand trace over his groin feeling he semi hard . I dont know how it happened coz the next moment i was on my knees in the bathroom unzipping his jeans i looked up at him as i slowly slide them off to be amazed by the way it was i never said a dick was pretty but this one i took it in my hand a firm grim sliding my thumb over the tip rolling it leaning foward Licking up the shaft before kissing the tip stroking him them sucking the tip a bit hard letting my lip pressagainst the little skin where the head and shaft comes together taking my time with it feeling how he grows in my mouth the wat his vein presses on my bottom lip the way he tastes then feeling his hand on my head as he starts to fuck my mouth letting him go all the way telling myself dont gag grabbing him sucking him harder pressing my tonguering into him I didnt wanne stop sucking before i knew it his hot juices flowed into my mouth i kept sucking i can get addicted to this taste as the last drop got sucked out i looked at him and smiled . Grinning at him he pulls me up looking at me before rubbing whispering did that make you. Wet little girl replying simply with a nod before letting go he whispered next time keep youre phone on you the things i wanne do to you we left ofcoarce going our seperate ways i wanted that man bad I found myself looking at my phone every 5 min Then i got a phone call its him Awnsering hey you i ear this is what i wanne do to you next time i reply im listening he goes i wanne eat youre pussy i want to Cover youre body in my cum i wanne fill everyhole u have over and over i was shocked i said ok sounds fun then he said good night beautiful thank you for that blow Next chapter comming soon

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