Written by w1ldone

23 Jan 2017

well we left of where I'm telling you about me grabbing my phone saying we should go for a drink

the text simply replied with a a smily face saying when where and what time , replying with the simple line tomorrow at cheerleaders at 5 pm

I rolled around in my bed like a fucking school girl before sucking my finger tasting myself only to start to wonder if he taste good o I'm a lady don't get me wrong but i love that warm hot cum in my mouth when it hits you're tongue the rush yea i want to see his eyes when i suck him dry, keeping that thought in my head as i slowly drift off to sleep .

waking up rushing to work don't need another day where I'm under the magnifying glass thank you then i remembered its date day today i know its wrong craving a taken man i know but something about this one pure lust filled my body the kind i never experienced how can i describe this well its like wanting to fall onto of this person and u accidentally on purpose had no panties on and while u falling somehow its on his face, just like that daydreaming about it when i suddenly got hit with " pay attention I'm talking to you Furia " sits up looking around a bit blushing eyes wide wondering was i talking out loud . I ended up looking at my boss wondering when the last time she got laid since well she kinda not on the hot side the kind that lost looking after herself she got this mole on her cheek the kind u just wanna poke with a stick ok full description of the boss she like short almost 1.5m fat double chin thinks she looks hot meanwhile she don't maybe lay off the kfc a bit but she always on a diet right then next to me is Hank poor guy think he was good looking before kids took over his life ill still fuck him if i wanted to but nah he keep his 40 mid life crisis away thank you . And infant of me the office tramp boobs out skirt up and ofcoarce knees always red we know of what. Counting down the time slowly wondering why haven't i heard from him where the fuck is my phone !

Rushing to my bag tipping it over breathes slowly five messages i won't lie my pussy got a little tingle seeing his name on the screen with all this excitement, i didn't notice I'm getting poked in the side by Hank with my rabbit vibe in his hand, looking all red at him grabbing it storming out not reading the text message ........

Finally in the car the car so hot inside fuck couldn't wait opening it the follow message

from James : hi can't wait to see you we still on

second message James : i can't get you out of my head

third message James : The things i wanna do to you

fourth message James : You must be busy see you soon

last message James : ill make sure you won't forget to look at you're phone when i see you

fuck what does that mean is it good is it bad I'm nervous now so i replied with

mr James sorry i was in some messed up meeting all day and you won't believe what happened ill tell you all about it and i can't stop thinking about you as well see you soon

to be continued ....