Written by w1ldone

22 Jan 2017

I looked up into his dark green eyes biting my lip the first time i saw him.

You ask me he knew he had me the moment our eyes met that sensation you get the one that makes you tingle in places you forgotten you even had not knowing about them. So here is the story of me becoming his little princess as he said sitting there at a friends party he walked in and no not tall dark and handsome. He was tall yes muscles but not to much older man but full sleeves bald the bad boy look you know but o no he wasn't alone think thats why he was even more attractive forbidden fruit.

Eyes locked with his introducing himself as James i gave a smirk nice to meet you I'm Furia smiling along making my way looking over my shoulder knowing his looking wasn't to long before he found me ended up talking a bit before his hand slid onto my leg , being the lady i am in public taking his hand off me James I'm sure you're girl won't like it , He smiled with a grin then we should meet up again sometime sliding his phone into my hands. My hand was starting to shake putting my number in knowing its wrong but my body ached to feel him again sitting there adding my number before sliding forward letting him get a glimpse of my breast here you go walking away.

i have just left the party before getting a text : hi its james was good to meet you must say love the short dress hope we can see each other soon maybe let my hand go a bit higher next time

that message made my heart jump my pussy tingled falling onto my bed thinking about his touch on my leg remembering his touch closing my eyes thinking about him feeling how erect my nipples are against my shirt pinching them sliding my hand down across my soaked panties feeling the wetness soaking over the fabric couldn't help myself but slowly running my finger in a circle around my clit going harder before finally slamming my finger fuck it felt so good how my pussy walls wanted more and more going harder and faster adding another finger before finally finding myself squirting over just the idea of him touching me.

laying there out of breath reaching for my phone texting back : was just thinking about you we should go for a drink

to be continued ....