26 Feb 2018

So the otherday I told my hubby how his dad keeps checking me out when we visit them. So he just laughed it off, and said he is a Boobs guy and likes big girls, and don't look too much into it. I must say that remark was such a turn on actually. checking me out...... Now he loves playing his games or don't know if he is watching porn lol on his computer, and very seldom comes out to say a quick hello and just drink a quick coffee with all of us when we visit. So this Sunday I decided to see how much he is really checking me out. I decided to wear a string top under my T-shirt. So when everyone was having supper outside he was still inside playing games. So I excused my self to run to the toilet quickly. When I got in I quickly took my T- shirt off and went to the toilet. when I was done I thought let me go past his computer room quickly and just say hi....... got in and I think he could see how hard my nipple was thru my top .... . i went and stood next to him and asked when is he coming to join us and leaned over and pretended to look at what he is playing, showing him some nice cleavage.......I could see he was checking me out from the corner of his eye. So then I said ok so we will see you outside now, and turned around and pushed a pen off his desk just so I can pick it up.......I turned around and bent over, and gave him a nice view of my ass and I think he could see my G-sting as I was bending over. As I gave it to him he just gave a smile ........so this morning I sent him a whatsapp ...............