26 Oct 2018

I dont even know where to start Didnt even know what title to use .So its just as my mine dictates without much thought

I feel as if I know every man on here reason being I see their face daily .I reckon if I was to bump into anyone I think I would say hello how are you doing .You would look blank at me and say this woman is cuckoo .You dont know my face but my body parts .

Example on chat a guy wants to chat he loves my ass .then conversation changes slightly so I diverted it saying i dont feel comfortable the way the conversation is going and he apologized and just ended the conversation and left.

Ok I will interpret what I think and then I would like comments to enlighten me .

I know my pics are bit close to the bone and I give a bad impression . Please believe me there is more to me than parts .They all together make a whole. But one thing it doesnt show is my soul my spirit..

About me. I dont like dirty talk especially when I haven't even met the person.I just know hes looked at my profile .

I dont like nude pics .i get the same old story... what about my pics

I put on display its mans choice to look or not. BUT WHEN MEN THROW BODY PARTS IN MY FACE THERE IS NO CHOICE .iN essence I am old fashioned my age would explain that .

Sorry thats how I feel and its so contradictory to what you see and read, I am sorry about that .

I am sensual sexy etc but I only show that side to the person I choose to be with ,Hoping you all understand its not to offend anyone I do have a certain amount off dignity .I laugh at myself just remember I am a gemini so must be 2 sides 2 me . Crazy and Irish explains it . But if you were to meet me then you would know me .Funny witty clever chatterbox and so loving .Mad Irish Girl