Written by Anonymous

03 May 2019

His head tilted and his lips moulded on hers. Her response was stark and utterly shocking. All the sweet heat swirling inside her immediately converged into a pool of need so deep the intensity frightened her. His lips cajoled and teased and still she resisted,fighting with the last of her will power until his tongue broke through the tight line of her lips and darted into the heat of her mouth.

Something inside her snapped. Her grip on his shoulders tightened as she responded in kind,exploring his mouth and sensuous lips as if his kisses were the life raft to cling to,to stop her drowning. His hands caressed away from her cheeks,one snaking round to gather her hair together and spear her scalp-she had no idea when it had escaped the confines of the tight chignon-the other making broad strokes down her back until it reached her bottom.

He clasped it and pulled her tight to him so his arousal was stark against her belly.

Pure,undiluted heat rushed through to her core and an unwitting moan escaped from her throat. He groaned,breaking away to nip at her delicate earlobe. Unbelievably,he was already fired up enough to explode.

Thank god he was still dressed. If he'd been naked,he would have plunged into her the second that earthly moan had echoed into his senses. The bed was only a few feet away but the distance could be as far as the moon.

Unwilling to break away from her delectable body for more than the fraction of a moment,he shuffled her to the bed then gently pushed her onto it so she was sitting on the edge.

"Don't move,"he ordered,drinking her in,her colour-heightend cheeks,her bottom lip plump and begging to be kissed,her green eyes bright and dilated,her breasts heavy and swollen,the pale nipples ruched.

His hands were trembling,his fingers and thumbs disconnected from his brain,unable to work the buttons on his shirt.

Abandoning his quest to undress himself,he sank to his knees before her and gripping her hips,pulling her to him so she looked down at him. There she sat,gazing at him with a heavy desire he recognised and which filled him with something that fizzed in his heated blood. He straightened a little to kiss her again,gradified beyond measure when she responded in kind,kissing him back,her tongue playing with his,mimicking his actions while her small hands gripped his scalp.

Trailing kisses down her neck,he reached her breasts and hungrily took one puckered nipple into his mouth. She moaned and cradled his scalp some more,pushing him against her. Lavishing attention on her other breast,he then bent down lower,raining kisses over the softness of her stomach and down to the black lace covering the heart of her.

Hooking the side of her knickers with his fingers,he tugged at them,looking back up at her as he pulled them down to her ankles. He could smell her arousal,a scent that hit him like an aphrodisiac cloud.

"Spread your legs."

Did that thick guttered voice really belong to him?

"Lie back,"he said thickly.

He gently pushed her thigh to one side. Moving the other thigh to expose her to his covetous eyes,he held her open to him.

Even in the dim light he could see the moisture glistening from her,her arousal there for him to WS see,and as he pressed his mouth to the heart of her he was suddenly grateful he was still clothed.

Unable to relieve his own tention meant there was no danger of embarrassing himself by coming too soon.

Her tiny moans deepened and when his mouth found her clitoris she jerked and gasped,tried to move him off her.

"Relax,"he murmured,pressing one hand to her belly while slowly inserting a finger inside her. If he didn't already know how aroused she was,this would have proved it beyond doubt.

"Please,"she murmured when she could not take any more.

"Make love to me."

He got to his feet. For one fearful moment she thought he was going to leave her there,exposed on so many levels.

He cocked a eyebrow, "You want....?"

She swallowed moisture away,staring dazedly at the magnificence of his body as he shrugged the suit off and casually discarded it. Hiw trousers and underwear quickly followed,and all she could do was gaze at him with a catch in her throat.

His arousal was all to apparent,his erection jutting out in front of him,large and proud.

"You want?" 'I want to hear you say it. I want to hear from your own lips that you want this."

"I want this. I want you."

"Then you shall have me."

He kissed her with a possessiveness that took her breath away,his hands kneading her thighs until he had her exactly where he wanted her.

And then he was inside,joyously,massively,deeply inside her,filling her completely.

"Ahhhh," she moaned,pulling him down so his full weight was on her,adjusting herself slightly to accommodate him further,to allow him even deeper penetration.

In and out he thrust,kissing her,squeezing her breasts,clutching her hips,penetrating to her very core until she felt everything inside her tighten.

As if he could sense that she was on the edge,he increased the tempo and ground even deeper into her.

It was enough.

Her orgasm rippled through her in waves so powerful and beautiful that any form of coherence abandoned her and all she could do was ride it,catching every last swell.