Written by Maanskynrosie

16 Jul 2014

We decided to meet at my place at 10:00, I asked him previously what he would want me to wear and his answer was some sexy lingerie…. I slip away from work early to have a shower, shave and titivate. I got dressed slowly to see if I could calm my nerves… I decided to surprise him with one of my sexy black outfits, I put on my thigh high stockings and some nice heels. I looked and felt super sexy and my body was on fire from anticipation.

So by now it was 10:15 and I was so so nervous, every time I heard a car drove by I jumped up to see if it wasn’t him. And every time I turned back more disappointed and the thought crossed my mind…. What if I was stood up? I heard the clock in the kitchen ticking away and I starting to think at about 10:25 ok it’s time to get undressed, get back to reality, back to the office..

I heard another car and decided to go have a final look, if it’s not him, then it’s a sign.. As I peeked through the kitchen window I see it’s him! My heart skipped a few beats and I was instantly exited. I watched him get out of his car walking over the grass in his tight blue jean and black cross over winter’s jacket. I opened the door and didn’t say a word, just let him in and let him see me, in my outfit.

We said hi and I lead you to my room, I went to sit on my bed. His first comment: Hmm I’ve see that outfit before….. and then he kissed me for an eternity… my legs were instant jelly and I knew it was going to be a good one. He undressed slowly enough for me to get the best glimpse of his well-toned body. Oh my word watching his muscles ripple under his skin was the biggest turn on and when he turned around his cock was already rock hard, jumping about. I crawled over the bed to where he was standing, I went to sit on the edge and I start sucking his rock hard cock, his hands on my shoulders as if to hold me down…. I just love the way his body reacts to my touch.

He lifted my head slowly from his cock and moved me onto the bed to lie on my back, I just lied down and he was right there in between my legs, he lied on top of me and started to kiss me, and as he was kissing me he was rocking his pelvis with his hard cock against my wet and waiting pussy…. And the more feverish the kissing get the closer it get to him penetrating me…. I lift my pelvis and he slides in, perfect fit as I feel him on all the sides… he moves slowly in and out and in and out while still kissing me, in and out, enjoying every minute, feeling every thrust go deeper and deeper, I feel his breath getting a bit shorter and I know it’s go time, he kisses me harder and harder and the harder he kiss, the faster he is thrusting me…. I can feel my muscles clench as I am close to climax, he gives me a final kiss and we both climax together, perfectly in sync…..

He comes to lie next to me and I lie down in his arm, we start talking, about his girlfriend and my husband and life and work and everything, but the entire time my hand is going over his hot well-toned body, feeling him like it’s the first time I am touching him, my hand “accidently” brushes over his cock and I could feel it stir, getting ready for round 2.

So I make my accidental brushes more and lifted myself to sit on top of him, he once told me if I want to get him aroused instantly I should sit on top of him. So I did… I sat on top of him and started to move my pussy over his cock, just rubbing against him, first slowly and then faster, he was right, his cock was instantly hard. I lied on top of him kissing him, still moving so he could feel how wet I am.

I am quite heavy so with me being on top I felt I pinned him down, loved feeling in control like that. So I sat up and let his hard cock slip into my wet waiting pussy, once again he filled me totally… I rode him hard this time and we reached climax together… perfect harmony…wish I could explain….

Out of breath we fell down on the bed next to each other… our hearts still racing, our bodies gleaming of sweat….. while lying there we just relaxed and talked about life and slowly but surely started to get ready for the next round….

This time he took charged and told me to stand on all fours, first with legs apart and later with legs together, the sensations were fantastic, he knew exactly which buttons to press to get me to squirt and then to orgasm wave after wave….