27 Nov 2015

Where to start... It had been an average day, much like many others before it. Starting off slow and then all hell breaks loose. The anticipation of meeting up with her for dinner had not even registered until the last calls came in. “Shit” I thought to myself... “I'm going to be so late” looking down at my watch only to realize that I had lost track of time. Rushing to my car all I could think of was “Did I forget anything, How long has she been waiting? She’s going to kill me.”

On the drive over my mind went into overdrive... I started thinking about how we had gotten to know each other, when we started going out to dinner and how long we had been in direct contact.

To clarify we met just over six years ago when I responded to a technical site call. I remember it like it was yesterday...

It was overwhelming to say the least. I walked into the reception area where there was a very witty wise colored lady waiting for me. She reached over to a little bell on the counter and rang it wildly whilst yelling "Ladies". Within a matter of seconds I was surrounded by beautiful women. All of them wearing VERY alluring skimpy clothing. I could actually feel myself go completely red. Frozen where I stand, I tried to murmur to the lady at the counter that I was there to sort out a few technical issues.

It was at that very moment I first stared into her alluring eyes. Lost in the endless pools of seduction gazing back at me; I explained myself and what I was there for. Over the years I have had many opportunities to spend a little time with her, Talking about business, Daily life, Drama... She even took me out for drinks and dinner a few times. And every time we went out the burning secret inside me grew; I wanted more...

The lust I had for this Flaming red haired goddess grew, Every time I’d see her, Every time I spoke to her every time I fantasized about her...

I finally made it to the venue where we were to meet for dinner. A quick call to her mobile confirmed that she had also been running a little late and that I was quite safe. A relaxing cigarette was the next best thing...

As I stood outside waiting for her to arrive a cold shiver run down my spine when I turned around to see her walking up to meet me. She looked amazing... Dressed in a beautiful black skirt and a low hanging top showing just enough cleavage. Mesmerized I stood there gawking not knowing what to say. During dinner my eyes would all too often wander towards her luscious chest and I would only realize that I was staring after she had noticed. I sat there in awe, tongue tied and shy. We arranged for a quick drink at her place after dinner where I could still not shake the shy nerves that have been gnawing at me all night.

We had been talking for a while before I tried to make a pass at her. I was quite surprised when she didn't respond by slapping me...

Slowly she leaned in to grace me with a seductive kiss. My hand rushing op toward her blouse tempted to tear it off. Shivering and shaking nervously I could not get the buttons loose. She stood up looking at me like she understood my nervous shivers and invited me to the main bed room. The anticipation of finally having a long time dream come true had me anxious, trembling as I walk up the stairs.

In the main bedroom I finally get to take her bra off, finally exposing the firm satin breasts that have had me dazed for so long, tiny pink nipples staring back at me. I find myself thinking out loud saying "fuck yes" out loud whilst firmly pulling her close and sucking on her breast while grasping the other tight.

I pull her skirt and panties down slowly, Admiring her body for a second as she moves around me to lay on the bed. I get super excited as she starts to unbutton my shit and lower my pants. She sits over me and repeatedly teases me by rubbing her clitoris over my shaft. I cant take it anymore at this point and think to myself "I want in NOW". As I get myself lined up she moves forward allowing my now throbbing manhood to slide over her clitoris and in between her firm buttocks and back... again... rubbing back and forth. Her skin is soft and silky, firm and supple like a 16year old. Her glares piercing and how.

I feel taken by the curves of her body as she rolls back over to the bed and tells me that she would like to know how good I am with my hands. I reach down and touch her. Rubbing, touching , occasionally slipping my finger in and out of her. Its warm and wet but she is not showing any signs of excitement. Before I could think of a how or why I go down on her and what a pleasure.

Like the rest of her it is just perfect... Warm and smooth as silk, she's sweet and wet. I dig in and lick her tenderness like I have never given oral before. "I'm addicted." I slip my finger inside her and continue to mop up the nectar as it is generously produced whilst massaging the lower part of her vaginal wall.She moans loudly and I am completely satisfied with the effort. I could have sworn there was a little climax before I get on top of her. I managed a full 3 solid thrusts before she pushed me away and asked me about the condoms I had mentioned earlier.

I bolt downstairs to fetch them and back up. I'm excited. It feels like Xmas eve and the presents are off limits. That naughty childlike excitement and participation.

I run back up and lay on the bed next to her. She gets on top of me and starts to kiss and tease me again. I line up get teased again... again my mind goes wild as I think out loud "I want in".

The teasing continues but there is something wrong. "No no no no no not yet" I think to myself as the moment becomes just too big for me. Its over in seconds and I turn bright red as the embarrassment sets in.

I look at her laying there naked a goddess staring back at me when I tell her "and so I leave you wanting more". And leave quietly.

A real fantasy dream come true. A blushing embarrassment.