Written by CaptainandhisC

21 May 2015

I can hardly contain my excitement.

I glance over at you, the woman I love more than anyone, past, present and future. You sit in the passenger seat of my car, legs folded under you, your short polka dot dress riding up onto your milky white thighs.

I steel sideways glances at you as we drive. Today you wear the brightest purple lipstick, matching the purple nails with silver and white stars. I can sense that you are excited too. I reach over and I slide my hand on your thigh.

You smile at me and push further back into your seat.

I know how your mind works. It is why I love you so much because I understand exactly what you are thinking right now. We share the love of anticipation, the slow, ponderous build up towards doing something incredibly naughty, somewhat taboo even.

My cock is rock hard in my pants and I shift position in an attempt to release some of the tension. I slide my hand up your leg and I feel the tension in your body too. I slip it under the hem of your dress. You spread your legs slightly, letting me know you feel it too.

We are nearly there. The last robot takes forever to turn green. I lean over the gear lever and I kiss you. Our lips meet and it sends jolts of joy through me that tingles all the way to my toes. I don’t know how many thousand times I have kissed you but it never fails to stop me dead in my tracks. Every kiss is new, every kiss is like the first time and without fail the butterflies go mad in my stomach.

I forget where we are and it is only when the cars behind us hoot, letting me know that the light has turned green. I accelerate away.

We swing into the parking lot. It is empty. I drive round the large face brick building to the right. Behind it is a small parking area. It is also empty. I glance at the clock on the dashboard. We are very early.

I park in the middle of the parking space, in the shade of a large oak tree that spreads its leafy canvas over most of the parking area. It casts us in dark shadow. I leave the radio on. I wind my window and your window all the way down.

As agreed in the hundreds of emails and messages that preceded this moment, I switch the car’s hazard lights on.

I release my seat belt and you do the same.

I turn, cupping your face in my hands. I appreciate your beauty but not for long because our lips lock magnetically in a kiss that is epic in length, in passion and that speaks of unbridled passion for each other.

I slide my hand up your leg, my fingers feverish on your porcelain skin. I feel you quiver under my touch. I snake my fee hand behind you and grip your neck, bringing your face to mine for another kiss.

Your hand rests in my lap. I feel the weight and warmth of you delicate, nail decorated hand on my crotch. I shift my legs apart, allowing you access to my cock through the material of my pants.

I squeeze your breasts through the material of your dress. They are soft and full. I feel your nipple harden in my palm. I push your dress down, bunching it around your midriff, revealing the rounding of your breasts, cupped in a lacy white and purple bra (which matches your purple lipstick).

I knead and play with your breasts through the bra, squeezing, prodding, letting my fingers grip and play, teasing your already hard nipples even more. You throw your head back and I lean forward to kiss your exposed neck. My breath is ragged and my movements are urgent.

The sound of an approaching car disturbs us. I look up and see a white sedan approach slowly. I reluctantly leave your breasts and flick the hazard lights off and on. The white sedan parks a few meters away. The hazards flick too. It is the pre-arranged sign.

I watch as the door opens. A man steps out. He is tall and lanky. He is dressed in long pants and a long sleeved shirt, standard office attire. He walks slowly towards us.

I watch you watch him approach. I stroke your hair and I whisper in your ear: “Are you ready to give him a show?”

You nod. I can feel your heart thump in your chest and I know how excited this makes you.

He stops half a meter away from the open window on your side of the car. He nods to us but we ignore him, my mouth on yours again. As I kiss you I reach behind you, worming my hand between your back and the backrest of the seat. I struggle for a minute in the confined space but eventually I manage to unclip your bra.

I lift it from your breasts and drop it on the back seat.

Your breasts are full and soft, exposed in broad daylight to a stranger, standing just outside the car window. I play with your left breast whilst my mouth suckles your right. I tease your nipples with my tongue and my lips. I bite down gently, making you squeal.

I sense your body relaxing, the attention to your sensitive breasts and nipples overriding the tension created by the situation. I slide my hand down your stomach and between your legs. You part your legs to allow me access to your pussy.

I stroke your slit. I can feel how wet you are through the soaked material of your matching panties. I hitch my thumb into the waistband of your panties and you wiggle, helping me to slide them off. I toss the damp panties on the back seat too. I push your dress up, revealing your clean shaven, glistening pussy lips not only to me but to the stranger standing by the window.

He steps closer, rests his hands on the windowsill. He stares at your pussy.

I spread your pussy lips with my fingers, feeling how engorged they are already, your wetness sticking to my fingers. I slip a finger halfway inside your pussy. It is warm and wet, wet like only your pussy can get.

I remove my finger and stick it into your mouth. You eagerly suck my finger into your mouth, licking your musky pussy juices from my finger. I pull my finger out of your mouth and slide it into your pussy again, twisting it inside, making you gasp as I do so.

When I bring it out this time, it is coated with pussy cream, thick and sticky. I use my finger as a paintbrush and coat your lips with your own sex. Then I lean in and I kiss you, tasting your pussy juices on your lips.

It sends me into blissful orbit. Our tongues dance and as they do, I slide two fingers into your pussy, finger fucking you now the way that you like it. I curl the tips of my fingers up so that, as I move my hand in and out, my fingers stretch the upper wall of your pussy, feeling the little ripple of rough skin inside, knowing how that sends you off.

And it does. You breathe heavily now and you buck in the seat, pushing your pelvis down onto my hand. I love the way that you squirm and wiggle around my hand and I love the little yelps and squeals that escape your mouth as I finger fuck you.

Apparently, so does the gentleman outside the car. He tentatively puts his hand through the window and rests it on your shoulder. He waits for a signal from you.

You reach out, grip his wrist and you put his hand on your breast.

My cock jumps at the sight. You are such a slut. I love that so much. I love my little slut.

He squeezes your breast and you gasp. He turns slightly sideways and now he has both hands on your breasts. I stroke your clit with my left hand while I finger fuck you with my right. Your pussy squelches deliciously wet.

I lean over and I kiss you. Your face glows red. I let go of your pussy. I lean over the back seat and I open the back door on your side, pushing it out. I lean across you and I open your door. The stranger whom we have only engaged with over email before this and the two open doors now shields us from view.

Instinctively you know what to do. You crawl onto all fours so that your butt points at me, your face crotch level with the stranger at the door.

I stroke your buttocks, squeezing your taut flesh. I slide my fingers between your legs and gently massage your pussy lips and clit.

I stroke the back of your neck with my free hand. Supporting yourself on one hand, you unbuckle the stranger’s belt. I hear his zipper slide down. A shiver of excitement runs down my spine. I love watching you suck cock. You are so good at it.

I hear your mouth on his cock. His hands are on your shoulders. I wish I could see your face. Unable to control myself any longer I slide my pants down and, balancing on my knees on my seat I lean forward and I slide my cock into your pussy. No matter how many times I have slid my cock, quivering and hard into your warm pussy, every time feels like the first time.

I grip your buttocks firmly and thrust slowly, rhythmically in and out of you.

You moan, your voice muffled by the cock in your mouth. I have no idea how big he is or what his cock looks like but I don’t care. This is not about physicality. This is about mental fuckery. I know how much you like being spit roasted, a cock in your mouth and a cock in your pussy.

I slap you lightly on your rump. I know you like that. I like that too. For a brief moment everything comes together in perfect unison. In our car, in a deserted parking lot in broad daylight, your dress bundled around your waste, your mouth sucking on a strange cock, my cock in your pussy.

I am almost overcome with emotion but fortunately most of the blood that fuels that part of my brain has rushed into my cock and I don’t break the rhythm.

I can’t hold back any longer. I thrust and thrust until I am at the tipping point. You squeal, that delightful, playful little girl squeal of pleasure as I pull out of your pussy just in time to squirt a string of pearly white cum on your lower back and on your naked buttocks. I sit back and watch the droplets of cum sparkle in the afternoon light on your porcelain white skin. I watch as droplets of cum streak across the tattoo on your lower back.

I am the happiest man in the world.

The stranger is at break point too. He grunts and I watch as his knees buckle. No man can resist your oral attention for long. He grunts, “I am going to cum.” You spit his cock out. I watch as his cock quiver and then shoot a thick stream of cum onto your chest, his cum dripping down the valley between your breasts.

You slump back in your seat. You turn to me and we kiss. I smell the cum on your body as our tongues dart together. I stroke your hair. I whisper in your ear: “Good Girl. I love you so much. I love you to bits.”

You look in my eyes. You sigh. “I love you too.” You say.

If I was happy before, I am now ecstatic. The stranger pulls his cock back into his pants, zips up. He mumbled as good bye. You wave at him. You close your door. I lean back and close the back door. I wind the windows back up and start the car.

You fiddle with your dress, lifting it over your breasts. As I exit the parking lot you unclip your safety belt and you lean across my lap. You unzip my pants and take my cock in your mouth.

You lick the tip of my cock. You look up at me and you smile.

“I am going to suck you until you are hard again because when we get home I want you to fuck me again.”

“Good girl.” I say. I ruffle my hands through your hair.

As we drive into the afternoon traffic a song comes on the radio. It is an old Dire Straits song, “Romeo and Juliet.” I smile.

“You are my Juliet.” I say.

“And you are my Romeo.” You say.