Written by Daniel1972

30 Oct 2012

Was coming back from a meeting and feeling horny decided to swing past Boksburg Lake to see if there was any action. There is usually other dudes keen to wank off and suck. However on this day no cars were parked. I pulled in and parked and decided to wait a while.

About 10 minutes later a car drove past me with a youngish couple, they drove past and then turned and came back and parked not to far from me. They chatted and looked like she was wanking him off. I pretended to pay no attention and watched out the corner of my eye. She then went down on him out of view. The young guy looked directly at me and smiled. I was wanking myself off and he knew it.

He then got out his car, hard on clearly visible, young and hung! He walked over to my car window, i slipped my cock back in my pants ready to make a hasty departure. He then asked if I was keen on some fun, lent in and felt my hard on through my pants. We chatted for a minute or so and as arranged he walked to the back of his car, his girlfriend / wife got out and met him at the boot of their car. He pulled her dress up and started fingering and kissing her. She kept looking at me. He then shoved his cock in her and started fucking her, he then waved for me to come over.

I got out my car and walked to them wanking my cock stood next to them. Both of them started feeling my cock and balls. He then pulled out her and bent her over to suck me, she started sucking and he knelt down and joined her. I started fingering her moist pussy pushing deeper into her encouraged by her moaning. She stood up and the husband/boyfriend told me to fuck her.

He grabbed my cock and pushed it into her, I started fucking her slowly at first and increased my jabs longer and deeper into her as moaned, he kept saying "yeah dude fuck her". He then stood behind me and rammed his cock between my legs and started fucking me. We soon found a rhythm - me fucking her, him ramming his cock between my legs telling me to fuck her and did I enjoy her pussy.

I was getting close and said I was close to shooting and tried to pull out her dripping pussy, he told me to shoot over her vagina which I did, he then leaned over and licked her clean and then turned to me and kissed me swopping cum, he then shot a load in her mouth and all 3 of us started kissing and swopping cum.

They then cleaned up and got back in their car and drove off. Damn wish I got their numbers would dig a hook up again.