Written by alwayswet

21 Dec 2014

Maybe I lost the plot but I cant help it. I am so horny and I LOVE showing my pussy to my ex, then strangers, and eventually ended with me getting naked in front of our garden worker.

He is well spoken and neat and SEXY, and it started with me wearing open skirts and no panty, then more till I'm naked. He now takes pictures for me, and that is what I like, cause I know he gets turned on. When he takes pics my pussy gets so wet that my juice runs down my legs.

Well we are now at the stage with us being very comfy with each other.

I tested him for HIV, and after that we fuck with no condom.

I do have someone in my life, but between the 2 of them I get fucked 8 times a week.

Then I fuck a female and her man once a week and YET I STAY HORNY.

In the last few weeks I go to clubs and parties and I ALWAYS get someone to fuck.

At a party once I stripped and laid down, 5 guys cummed over me, and I wished they fucked me.

So I did this last weekend. Went to a club with a short dress, and opened my legs at times till I got what I was dreaming off.

There was a group of guys that had a year end function, and they all stayed at the river lodge.

I got invited and the one I know promised me he will look after me

My demand was - blindfolded and tied up.

They fucked me from 23-00 till 09-00, and they made turns ONE AT A TIME.

I counted 14 times I got penetrated in my pussy, and 2 went anal.

Everyone cummed in my mouth.

I was satisfied.

Do you judge me?