Written by LickSuck69

22 Aug 2016

Catching a glimpse of me in my mirror

With pang of love I see that I am growing old,

And, strangely, there in me I catch a glimpse of you.

How was it I forgot you were the one who bore me

Held me in your arms and suckled me?

How was it I forgot those freezing winter evenings

When you wrapped me in a fluffy towel and dried and cuddled me

And rubbed my arms and legs with Lanloline, so they'd not get chapped,

And brushed my whispy hair one hundred strokes

Hoping to make it thick, and long, and lustrous like you own.

And brought me cocoa and Marie biscuits

And tucked my Eiderdown around me

To keep me snug and cosy while you read my story.

But somewhere along the way you got lost

And in your place I saw a witch intend on thwarting me.

Rebellious and defiant, in you I saw my enemy,

And though those teenage battles end in a truce

They left a chasm we never could bridge.

Now seeing me there in that mirror,

And looking into me, seeing you

I understand so clearly so much I never could

And hear the love beneath your hurtful words

And know that all you ever asked of me was love.

Why did it take so long for me to find you?

And as I see that aging face staring back at me

And feel the uncertainty and fear and the ache of growing old

I long to climb into you lap;

And know so well how much you needed me

To wrap my sheltering arms around you

And ease your aging heart with a make -it -better kiss.

The title says it all.