06 Apr 2018

We are an Indian couple, both 41 years of age, we both good looking and easy on the eye. We have been now married for 13 years. We are both successful professionals in our respective fields. I have discovered my cuckold fantasies very early into our relationship while we started dating. After we got married we have had a very healthy sex life and where we could both talk about our sexual fantasies. We have joined the swinging lifestyle only after a year in our marriage. I must say I was more into cuckolding than swinging and thus more in MMF threesomes where I would be mostly watching than participating. A few years ago we met a nice guy who we will call YG on one of the swinging site and has been chatting online, we hit off and told my wife about him. My wife was keen to get to know him and with her permission I gave him her phone number. We eventually organize a meet on one Friday afternoon in Cape Town CBD at the bar of a well known Hotel. I have booked a room in the hotel and dropped my wife there while I was at the office. I have allowed them to meet alone, thinking it would be less awkward and easier to break the ice. I must say that the idea worked well as when I joined them later I could see the current flowing well between them. After supper while I went for a quick smoke at the bar my wife and him went up to the room, later I found out that they shared a long wet French kiss in the lift. The evening was a memorable on, when later I joined them in the room, he was busy in the shower, I could speak to the wife alone for the first time during the evening and she told me that she likes him and that she thinks he is a really cool guy. When he came out of the shower, with a towel around him, he sat on the foot of the bed. My wife soon sat next to him and they started kissing and in no time his cock was in her hands busy stroking it. She was naked in no time and his cock was replaced by her hands with herr mouth, she was even licking his balls, I have never seen her sucking a cock so lovingly. He soon started to suck her pussy while she was moaning quite loudly. Eventually he put a condom and penetrated her while being on top of her. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening for all of us. After the first session me and wife went to have a smoke on the balcony where we could whisper a conversation. Me and my wife have been playing a fantasy game during our own love making session, I would whisper in her ear while having sex with her whether she would like YG to be her boyfriend and she would be telling me in the excitement that she would be going to his place and they would be fucking. Now that she just finished having sex with the guy that she has been fantasizing for a while to be her lover, was quite an experience for her, so while we were having the smoke on the balcony I could not resist the temptation of asking her if she was really interested in having YG as her lover. I could feel her excitement and her nervousness just by thinking that it may well happen. She said she is interested but she does not know if YG would also be interested, I felt a knot in my stomach, I told her that I will raise the matter with him. I waited for her to go to the bathroom and asked him he would be interested to date my wife and be her lover. I must say it was kind of a weird, exciting and nervous feeling to ask a guy to date my wife. I was so over excited and eager to hear his response that my cock would be flabby. I must say that I was quite happy that he was also interested in the whole arrangement. When my wife came out of the bathroom and took place on the bed in between both of us, he told her that he would be keen in dating her and she said she will be happy to be his girlfriend.

Thereon we would live and exciting adventure. since then my wife and him had met a number of times on their own, they went out on dates. It would be another experience to watch my wife dressing up sexy for him, at times I would be choosing her clothes that she would wear to go on her date with him. She would even tease me to show me how wet she was and when she would leave for her date she will always kiss me on the cheeks and if i would try to kiss her on the lips, she would stop me and would say "not for you"

When he would come to fetch her from home, I would peep through the window, watching her getting into his car and sat next to him then exchange a kiss. Then I would wait for her return home and when he pulled his car in the drive way, I would again peep through the window, watching him fondling her while giving a goodbye wet kiss.

I have witnessed a transformation in my wife sexual life, she has become more daring and adventurous than before.

My wife’s lover has been keen to push the boundaries, he has been trying to entice and convince my wife to start going bareback. Since she was not on any type of birth control, wife was not too keen to start bareback sex. Eventually after sometime he managed to convince her and she had a Mirena inserted.

A couple of months later, while I was playing golf, wife went on a date with her lover. When I got back home I was eager to hear all the stories as usual. She then told me how they fucked with no condom and the whole experience was quite memorable but she was not ready to allow him to ejaculate in her yet.

A couple of weeks ago, we organized a play date at home, the weather was quite hot and hence wife was wearing a short dress with nothing underneath, after he came to our place had a couple of drinks she took him to the bedroom and I peeped discreetly as usual, trying to get a few snap shots on camera. After he gave my wife an intense oral sex session, she sent the favor back, by giving him a mind blowing blow job. My wife has never been keen to receive cum in her mouth and even less the thought of swallowing seamen, but on that day YG fully ejaculated in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it, to much of my amazement. After a while he started penetrating her without any condom and I could see the pleasure in her face and they both climaxed at the same time, I saw his cum flowing out of her pussy when he pulled out, it was quite amazing to watch another man’s come in her pussy. They had sex a few times again before we all went out for supper and on our return back home, he were both chilling in the lounge on the sofa, she was in her arms like two lovers, her hand was in his, her head leaning against his chest, after a moment they went back to the room, where they had a couple of more session before they both collapsed on the bed.