04 Aug 2018

Its no easy feat writing this. I am not judging but definately comparing .the new visitors joining us on the chat.

I know what type of site it is and I am not a nun .

Just look at the names of these rooms .

This is the month of woman and she surely should get more respect.A title that galled me is disgusting offensive and perverted . Mens derogatory statements about sex with pregnant woman Ug.

How these men come onto chat the way they carry on .Woman why do you put up with this

The talk about cams and on there from what I have read some ppl record these cams and putting it mildly blackmail the person after being informed with details of work neighbourhood etc

This was uttered last night in one of the rooms .

I could go on but i even doubt if this will be published .

So why do i continue .i go for msg written by gentlemen

I dont think the new sh is a hit

Lots of complaints on there if the powers to be would censor .

All this whispering etc what ever that means . .Hope this gets on to the rest of the community .