19 Aug 2018

was invited to a dance by a friend. She told me that I would have a wonderful time. I was just divorced and really needed to get laid so i agreed to go. I didn’t know that it was a club where mostly black men hung out. I wore a mini skirt with a satin blouse with no bra I had a black thong on with high heels. My skirt was very short and had a slit down one side. When we got to the club Ann told me that the men there were really hung and if I was lucky I would find one for tonight. I had never been with a black man but was willing.

We went in and the place was full with several people dancing. The music was loud and was very good. Went we to the bar and got a drink, I was already filling good having drank several shots before we got there. I was filling really good and was very wet thinking about what might happen. We there a short time when a guy came up and asked me to dance, he was very tall and with a big smile took me to the dance floor. The song finished and the next one was a slow one. He held me tight and put his hands on my but pulling me into him. I could feel his cock and I was ready for him to take me some where right then but instead he took me to his table and introduced me to his friends. There we’re two of them. They must have been basketball players because they were all very tall. I set down with them had another drink I was feeling really good and Don the guy I danced with pull his chair close to mind and put his hand on my knee. He started rubbing my leg and I spread my legs out so he could do as he pleased. His hand moved up to my thong and started rubbing my pussy. He took my hand and put it on his cock. I started rubbing it through his pants,he was so big. He told me I could take it out if I wanted to. I wanted to. I undue his belt and opened his pants. I was worried about someone seeing but told me not to worry nobody would say anything. I pulled his cock out and slowly jacked him off. He had pre cum on the tip and I put some on my finger and put it in my mouth I was so wet I was almost cumming in my chair. He pulled me to him and let me get on my knees under the table I took the head of his cock into mouth slowly sucking on it. I put my hand on his balls playing with them as I suck. Iicked his cock up and down the length of his cock swirling my tongue around the tip. I suck the head into my mouth sucking hard as I stroked his cock. His cock started swelling and he filled my mouth with his cum. I swallowed it as fast as I could but some leaked out and down my chin. I milked his cock as he finished. One of his friends pulled me over and he had his cock ready for me. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and started sucking him as I stroked his cock. He cumed fast filling my mouth I sucked and milked his cock until he was finished. I then moved to his next friend and did the same to him. I set back in my chair and told them I needed to be fucked. They took me to the bathroom and took my thong off. Bending me over one of them pushed his cock in and started slowly fucking me. I was bend over so one of them pushed his cock into my mouth I sucked while I was being fucked hard. I had never felt anything so good before. Cumming several times as they took turns fucking my pussy and mouth. I was was really sore the next day but it was worth it. I made a date to go to one of their houses next weekend.