30 Nov 2016

I have always wondered what it will feel like to have another man touch me. I never had the courage to try it but today i worked up the courage and tried it.

I went to Sinsations, paid my fee and entered......

First impressions? It is very dark inside with lots of cubicles so privacy is pretty much guaranteed unless you are an exhibitionist.

We were three guys circling the place checking each other out but no one making a move.

Eventually I said 'fuck it' and stood at one of the glory holes with my dick sticking through the hole.

About a minute later I heard someone entering the booth below me and the next minute I had a hand on my dick furiously jerking me off!

What made it so extra exciting was did I could not see or hear this man so it could have been any of the two guys in the shop with me. I came really hard in a short space of time because of this excitement!

Afterwards I cleaned myself, walked out of the shop and drove of without knowing who jerked me off.

So how was it? The atmosphere and anonymity of the venue and the mistery of not knowing who did you really added to the excitement!

Being jerked of by another man? I will say I still prefer a woman but will definitely try it again to make sure I like it or not.

Will I suck or jerk off another guy? Not at this stage but who knows, stranger things have happened