15 May 2017

It had been a bad day at work. A bad week in fact, with a four day losing streak on the markets and I really did not feel up to facing the afternoon in the office, so I went across the road to a nearby bar for a drink to calm my frazzled nerves. Going into a bar on my own was not the sort of thing I'd normally do, not even a sophisticated venue like the VIP Room. I sat at the bar an ordered a pink gin, my drink of choice.

On entering the venue I had noticed a well-dressed gentleman also sitting at the counter. I wasn't looking for company, so had sat well away from everyone else, however, I could not help my eyes being drawn towards the man. He was good looking, but in a strict, school-masterish manner and of slightly over average height with dark brown hair, graying slightly at the temples, but what really caught the eye was the way he sat, the expensive cut of his suit, the attention to detail in every aspect of his dress, right down to his obviously hand-crafted brogues. He turned his head, and looked right towards me and I quickly glanced away. Several minutes later I found myself staring at him again and again found myself averting my eyes as he looked at me. I am not a shy woman at all. In fact I take on men every day in a man's world, but I was not looking to speak to anyone this afternoon. Besides I was married. If not happily, then at least comfortably.

The third time it happened, he smiled and I could not help returning his smile. "Uh oh," I thought as he stood up with his drink in hand, now I've done it. He approached me and introduced himself. I was going to brush him off, but something in me made me change my mind and I again smiled at him and held out my hand, "Marilyn," I responded. He sat and started chatting, and somehow his presence or perhaps the effect of my drink, seemed to lighten my mood. He was a stock-broker in a small, very exclusive firm. As we talked, it seemed as if we were old friends and I could not help myself from touching his arm at various points. After perhaps an hour of talking, and into my third drink at this point, he glanced at his watch, a Cartier, and said, "I am going to have to be leaving shortly."

At this point I do not know what entered me, but speaking to Errol had felt so good, so comfortable, that all my stress had somehow just disappeared. I could not just let him walk away. "Errol," I started, "I do not want this afternoon to end. Yet. Perhaps we could leave together and find somewhere a little more, er, private?"

"Are you propositioning me?" he smiled and glanced down at the gold band on his left ring finger. "As a matter of fact I am," I retorted, "We"re both adults here." I could see his mind racing as he picked up his Johnny Walker Blue Label and downed the last of it. I followed suit and not allowing him to say anything, took his hand.

We left the VIP Room together and walked up the road to the Hyatt. At the hotel reception he requested a suite, and registered, neither of us saying a word to each other. The school-girlish flutter of butterflies in my tummy that had started before we left the VIP Room was making me feel quite giddy, something I had not experienced in years. I desperately needed to kiss Errol, to touch his body, to have him touch me. After what seemed like an eternity, we headed to the elevator and rode up to our suite. Neither of us said a word, but I took his hand while in the elevator again feeling a little like a silly schoolgirl.

No sooner had the door of the room closed behind Errol, than I took both his hands in mine and allowed him to kiss me. I had not been kissed like that in years, perhaps never. The kiss was deep, passionate and yet also gentle. Under other circumstances I might have said loving, but I was under no illusions here, we were two married people, in a situation in which emotions could not be allowed. I returned the kiss with increased force and he responded in turn.

Somehow we moved toward the king-sized bed, and then I removed Errol's suit jacket and hung it for him and together we helped each other out of our clothes until both of us we only in our underwear. His, a pair of bulging briefs and me in a matching bra and panty set. Functional but elegant and stylish like everything I wear, but a little more feminine than I allow on the exterior. In the business world one can never be too feminine, however, I always enjoy the feeling of being a lady beneath my exterior armour. Even if I never get to share it with anyone these days. We lay on the bed and he expertly unhooked and removed my bra. "You're magnificent," he said as he started paying attention to my breasts. I pulled down his underpants and his erection sprang out. "You're not bad yourself," I gasped. He seemed enormous.

I lay back on the bed and Errol lay on his side, half propped up, fondling and sucking my breasts, while I stroked his mighty erection with one hand and ran the other through his hairy chest. "Harder," I said, and he responded by sucking harder at my nipples and clamping them between his teeth. I was incredibly turned on and could feel the wetness between my legs. I opened my legs and moved one of his hands to my pubic mound. He started massaging my mound and I could feel his finger probing at my vagina. He then slowly inserted it while continuing to use his other hand and mouth on my breasts. I could feel wetness at the tip of his penis and used my thumb and forefinger to spread it over his head, squeezing and rubbing his lovely organ. He fingered me for a little and then drawing his finger out, he started rubbing my clitoris with it, gently and methodically, using my own juices to lubricate it. I was becoming more and more aroused.

"Kiss me lower," I managed to say and he moved down between my legs and now I could feel his tongue on my clitoris. He gently sucked on it and then drew it between his lips and somehow both sucked on it while also using his tongue to stimulate it. Both of his hands were playing with my nipples. Suddenly I could bear it no longer and felt the orgasm build up in me and then explode, over and over again. My usual release was a rabbit vibrator, but it never did this for me! I had no energy to move, but needed to feel him inside me. Errol had already sensed this, but perhaps also had his own needs to satisfy and so positioned himself over me and started inserting his penis into my vagina. I could almost feel myself sucking him in and now he was completely filling me, a perfect union. If only physically. We lay joined for a while and then he slowly started thrusting. I could now see straight again and starting kissing his mouth deeply with more and more intensity as his rate of thrusting increased. I again felt an orgasm well up inside me and as it exploded with even more intensity than before I could feel him orgasming as well, his juices mixing with mine as we laying gasping for breath.