Written by Morticha_2009

20 Mar 2014

"Today is Friday a night to relax and have some fun, as it is carnival time", Erica thinks to herself. Erica is a tall long legged brunette, with the most awesome slender, model build body, with awesome breast, a size 36 C. The rest of her body is golden tanned brown and lips so red, eyes greener then the greenest green you have ever seen. Erica is only 30 and works as a CEO for a huge pharmaceutical company, in Rio. Single and the highest paid woman in the company. As a single woman Erica yearns for a tall dark Stanger to sweep her off her feet and make all her wildest sexual fantasies come true, especially on this night when there is so much mystery in everyone, everyone wearing mask, woman wearing sexy outfits. Men build like gods all tanned and brown showing off their bodies.

Sitting in her office dreaming away of this night, there is a knock her office door. It’s her secretary Stacey, Stacey the girl you always have yearned to have sex with and fantasied about. Stacey is a tiny little thing, petite, with blue eyes and red hair. And small perfect perky tits, a size 34 B. But also attractive looking with her fair skin and Liberian look with her glasses that she always wears. She’s wearing a white blouse, with short pair of short and black stockings underneath, over the blouse a black waist coat all buttoned up, and a pair of flats, and her hair done up in a modern ponytail. "Yes Stacey please do come in", she answers in a low tone husky voice. Stacey walks to her desk, and says "Erica I have your costume ready for this evenings masked ball at Mr. Duncan’s house" Erica opens the white box in it an outfit to die for, a sheer black lace dress that just cover the most essential parts on a woman’s body. With it a black mask, with crystal and feathers. Stacey looks in amazement at it. Erica asks her “so what do you think? To revealing or to sexy?" She answers “Well Erica it’s very beautiful and sexy, and a woman like you can pull it off"

You look at Stacey still hungering for her. Erica answers "Stacey thank you and come here". Stacey walks slowly to you, and she has known for many years what Erica wants to do to her and she had wished the same. Slowly, she comes to a stop in front of Erica. And she says "Do you know what I want to do to you now?" Stacey answers "I think I do Erica, and I also want it as bad as you do"

Slowly Erica pulls Stacey closer taking her face in her hands gentle and tenderly starting to kiss her, slowly forcing her tongue into Stacey mouth and tasting every part of her mouth and sweet lips. Stacey’s hands slowly move over Erica’s ass grasping it while still in Erica’s delicious, lingering kiss. Erica stops and feels Stacey hands on her ass. And smiles at her and says "My darling Stacey you have no idea how much I want to touch, kiss, suck, finger, grind against, taste all you sweet juice, of your sweet little cunt now". Stacey answers "Please do Erica, and I want to do the same to you" Slowly the girls start kissing soon, passionately, hands moving against each other perfect legs, up to each other’s asses, and up to each other’s perfect rounded breast, fondling and squeezing them.

Erica slowly looks at Stacey and stops kissing to unbutton her waist coat, button for button Stacey moans and begs Erica to expose her perfect tits and to finger her sweet cunt. Erica has Stacey waist coat off and moves to her blouse also unbuttoning every button so slowly and kissing Stacey now and again, finally her blouse is open, exposing her sweet tits and a sexy white lace bra, Erica says "Oh my god Stacey your tits look so awesome, and I bet they taste even better, and these little perky nipples, they drive me crazy, my little minx secretary" Stacey moans louder with Erica’s words and ask her to let them loose out of the lacy bra and expose them, which Erica does and once done, she takes one of Stacey’s

breast in her mouth and start sucking it hard and playing with her tongue over her sexy erect nipples, licking and flicking them with her tongue. Stacey quivers in pleasure and moans with every time Erica licks and flicks her nipples.

Erica can feel Stacey tugging at her blouse and battling to loosen her buttons. Erica stops and loosens her blouses buttons, take of her blouse and her black lacey bra, and expose her own wonderful tits. Stacey stops and admires them, slowly fondling them and also kissing Erica’s tits first softly, then Stacey tells Erica "Erica wait until we go further, I want to show something else and something that’s extremely wet". Erica looks in lust at Stacey and licks her lips, staring at Stacey as she takes off her little black shorts and stockings, and only standing there in a white lacey thong, slowly she takes of her thong also. Standing now naked in front of Erica, with the office light falling softly on her soft silky smooth pales skin. Erica can’t believe how wonderful Stacey looks, so small so petite, with a nice sexy round perfect ass, just good enough to be spanked and to be fucked. And Erica sees Stacey’s pussy so smooth and just good to be touch, kiss, suck, finger, grind against, taste all her sweet juice, which she can also now see glistening on her pussy and thighs.

Erica tells Stacey "Oh my god you are so fucking sexy, and so fucking wet, and it’s not fair that only you are wet and naked" Slowly Erica unzips her black mini skirt, take off her own stockings. Stacey only seeing now that Erica has not worn any panties. Suddenly Erica’s is also naked, Stacey can’t believe how well Erica is build, Erica walks over to Stacey, and takes her hand and moves it down to her pussy, and says “ She how wet you have made me?” As Stacey feels Erica’s sopping wet pussy she can’t help noticing that Erica is getting turned on by just her touching her, Stacey looks at Erica, with lust and says to her “Erica, sit on the desk and open your legs wide, so that I can see your pussy and eat it out and finger fuck you” Erica also know how wet Stacey is, but then jumps on the desk opening her legs and exposing her wet pussy. Knowing that she is going to have the best experience of her life, and also knowing what she has in store for Stacey later.

Stacey stares a Erica’s pussy, so wet now, slowly she starts sucking and licking Erica’s sweet pussy licking and sucking up every drop, the sweetness and musk makes her more aroused, and while sucking she can hear Erica moan loudly from pleasure and excitement. She hears Erica says “Oh my god it feels so fucking good sucking and licking my pussy, don’t stop, please don’t stop” Stacey answers back “What else do you want me to do to your wet cunt?, Do you want me to finger fuck you?” Erica now heavily breathing, answers in a husky voice, “Oh my god yes, yes, yes finger fuck my cunt, you dirty little slut, make me cum all over that pretty fucking face of yours” Slowly Stacey keeps sucking and licking and inserts one finger in Erica’s pussy, and thinks to herself while doing it, how good her tight little pussy feels so soft, thigh pink and warm, and slowly she starts moving it in and out. She can hear Erica moan and she he grinding against her finger. Erica says “Oh my fucking god that feels so good, I want more, more, please insert more, please make me cum, make me your fucking cum slut Stacey”

Slowly Stacey obeys Erica’s instructions and insert another two fingers into her pussy, she can see how tight she is, also how wet she is, she knows Erica can’t take more than three fingers into her tight pussy, but finally they are in, and she herself he amazed how good Erica’s pussy looks with her fingers inside her, how wet and warm she is, she starts working Erica’s pussy, slowly, and still sucking and licking, she hears Erica’s moans of pleasure and how she grinds, wanting more, She starts working a bit harder and faster in and out harder and faster, and can see how close to Erica is to coming. Suddenly she hears Erica say “Oh my fuck Stacey, don’t stop, working my cunt harder and faster, oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck me, fuck me!” Stacey is working harder and faster in Erica’s pussy. She hears Erica, moaning louder, louder, all of a sudden Erica’s starts moaning “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, I am coming, I am going to cum”! Suddenly Stacey feels Erica’s pussy convulsing around her fingers and squeezing it thigh, then also a gush of pure juice flows out of her pussy, Stacey laps up every drop of Erica pussy juice and come, can’t believe how good that felt, and how great it was seeing her come, and moan and talk so dirty.

Stacey pulls her hand out of Erica pussy, sopping wet, form her pussy juice, sees Erica laying on her desk breathing heavily and smiling, knowing that she just had the most wonderful experience. She suddenly sees Erica getting up and looking at her, and Erica tells her “Come her”, Stacey walks to her, and stands in front of her, then Erica takes Stacey’s hand, dripping with her wet pussy juice and starts sucking it off her hand. Moaning from how good it taste, to taste her own pussy juices, Stacey can’t avoid seeing how Erica is enjoying this, and how good her mouth and tongue feels on her hand. Also can’t help seeing Erica, playing with her own pussy while doing it. Stacey is aroused at what Erica’s doing, sucking her hand clean and with the other playing with her own pussy. Suddenly Erica stops, looks at Stacey and says softly in a husky voice “Oh my god you are fucking amazing, what you did to me” Erica pulls her near starts kissing her softly, passionately and full of lust, with their tongues teasing each other’s mouths.

Stacey also being wet after what she did to Erica, and getting aroused with the kissing, can’t help to wonder what Erica has in store for her. She is so turned on by this woman, her boss. For her its feels like a dream, feels right, but also so wrong. She thinks loudly to herself while kissing Erica “Oh my god this is my boss, that I am kissing that I made to cum and that I just fingered fuck, but oh my god she’s so hot, her mouth taste so good” Stacey can feels Erica’s hand on her small tits, squeezing and fondling them while the keep kissing, and her hands gliding all over her naked skin, and she can also feel in herself how good it feels, and she just wishes Erica’s hand would move down to her now so very moist pussy, tease it and play with it, or even better fuck it. She also can’t help herself touching Erica’s tanned naked skin, touching her breast, her legs and thighs just like Erica is touching her. Also the two ladies can’t stop kissing and sucking each other tits, teasing each nipple with a suck, pull and gentle bite.

Stacey can now feel Erica’s hand between her thighs but not touching her pussy, just close to stopping before she touches her pussy. Suddenly Erica stops touching her and kissing her. She wonders why? “Why has she stopped when it all feels so good, and knowing that she is getting me aroused.” Suddenly Erica’s says to her “Stacey did that feel good, me touching you, kissing you, teasing you?” Without hesitating she answers “Yes it did, it felt amazing, but why did you stop?” Erica looks at her smiling, “because there is so much more I want to do to you” She looks at Erica knowing what she said earlier in the evening about her wanting to finger fuck her pussy and grind against it. She says to Erica “Erica, do you still want to finger fuck me and grind against my pussy?” Erica says to her “My dear Stacey that’s not all I want to do to you, I want to tie you down, spank your ass, and fuck your cunt and ass with a huge strap on while you tied down, but also I want you to join me tonight at Mr. Duncan’s party, where we both will be fucking you, and eating you out, fucking you in so many different ways, fucking you cunt and ass with dildo’s and vibrators, also keeping you tied down making you squirt and come nonstop, also let you experience the sensation of extreme bondage, by having hooks in your ass, electrodes on you hole body and ass and pussy, also tying you down and spanking you tits and body, ass, being tied up in all different ways, make you a little sex slave, teaching you how a submissive should behave and what is expected of them, Also your boyfriend, Chris will be joining us, and we will be dominating you as well, he will be your master, and Mr. ,Duncan and me.” Stacey can’t believe what Erica’s telling her, and hearing, hearing that she and Mr. Duncan want to do all these things to her. Things that she has never experience before, but also never heard off. She can only ever remember one position her boyfriend use to fuck her, that was missionary style, she wonders how many other styles there are. And Chris being her master and dominating her, sweet Chris that has been keeping this dark secret from her, that he has knowledge of this strange new world. Chris that fucked her all these years in missionary position and that always told her he doesn’t want to hurt her.