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Amanda and Jo 6

Mother and daughter


3 minute read

We have a few days of leave left and Jo tells me she has taken a few days leave. She also tells me she wants to go dogging. I get on the phone and call my friend and ask if he can arrange a few guys for the following day for some dogging at Rietvlei game reserve. He calls back an hour or so later, saying he has a couple and 4 guys. All is good. I tell Jo and Amanda and they are both excited. The following day we are off, and on our way to the park. We get there and go to our arranged hide. Through the gate and down to the bottom, as we turn the corner I see two couples and about eight single guys. I look at my friend and he just smiles and says "they were already here". I look at Amanda and Jo. Amanda looks confused but Jo has a big grin on her face. I stop the ladies and ask if they want to carry on, and what they want to do. Amanda says touching only. Jo says "I want all of them." We walk to the end of the area and I lifted Jo's dress off. She walked up to the first guy and knelt in front of him and fished his dick out. I went to Amanda and lifted her dress off, and she knelt in front of me and fished out my dick. I looked over at Jo and she already had a guy on both sides of her with a boob in their hands and one guy playing with her pussy. I lifted Amanda onto the table and pushed her back and started licking her beautiful pussy. I hear "may we join in?," and Amanda says yes. I look up and see a lady sucking one nipple and her hubby sucking the other. Soon Amanda says to me "I need a dick inside me". I straighten up and I'm about to slip in and she says "No, can I have him?" She looks at the wife and she says yes. He comes to her very wet pussy and slips in with no problem at all. His wife drops to her knees and starts sucking me. She gets up and bends over Amanda, then lifts her skirt. I get behind her and slide in. She's also very wet. All four of us are going well. I watch her ass as I'm fucking her, it's bigger than the other two ladies but still a nice tight one. Looking around I see Jo on all fours being spit-roasted, with guys' hands all over her. Once we have all four cum a few times we introduce ourselves to each other. Our new friends are James and his wife Debs. We all sit and watch as Jo gets fucked by each guy there. After about an hour of non stop fucking and sucking everything starts slowing down and Jo gets up. She has cum everywhere. She walks over to us and says, "I love this place." We exchange numbers with James and Debs and leave. Jo says she feels as though every muscle in her body is sore, but her jaw stiff and her pussy feels raw. We get home and all go shower, I lay down in my bed and hear the ladies who come and join me. Jo thanks me for a wonderful experience. In minutes we are all sleeping. I wake up to my phone ringing at 7am the next morning.

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