Written by JHB Buddy

16 Nov 2016

MY Story ( a south African Indian muslim story)

I married my wife in 1994 , we were both married before but had no kids from previous relationship. My wife and I both come from good affluent homes and had good relationship with extended family. I was married before for 1 year and things did not work out. My wife was married to an alim and her marriage too lasted a few months.

After 2 years of our divorce were introduced by a community member and we hit it off. Six months later we were married in 1994.

The first year of marriage was a typical honeymoon, we did everything together including going to the odd soccer/cricket match etc. Since we moved out of my parents home after one year of marriage we were having sex very often. Sometime we even use to sit and have supper naked , we even took showers together almost every morning as well. I use to go on jamaat for 3 days and when I returned that Sunday night it was like a new honeymoon. Life was what people said it would be.

After about 3 years of marriage my wife said she wants to be naughty and we started trying new stuff in the bedroom. We even bought adult toys , vibrators etc. This was a new chapter in our sex life. Then one day we bought a camera and started filming our bedroom sex sessions. Although my wife use to give me blowjobs when we first got married she now took it to a new level. I seem to be less experienced than my wife but it was somewhat fun. I went for the usual three days jamaat and my wife sent me a note that she is currently watching the videos of us. When I got home she waited for me with a meal and skimpy lingerie. This continued for around 7-8 months I think. We started to get daring and my wife use to send me naughty notes etc. When whatsapp and bbm started to get common we used it to send each other naughty messages and even pics. My wife was seem to have fun with it.

One day she send me a video of her using a vibrator while moaning and sent it via whatsapp. She even took a video clip of her in the shower that day and sent it to me. When I got home that day we laughed and just carried on as normal. The use of the toys and vibrator got to be a common use. My wife said that it gave her the much needed pleasure as I was not big enough.

My wife after a long time gave birth to twins and all was great with the kids etc. We did not have as much entertainment as before but we use to have sex about once a week. We were engrossed in our lives and things took a back seat. Our marriage felt like it was failing at times. We had the odd argument etc as well. One day I suggested that we take a holiday and so we did. While on holiday I suggested to my wife that we take another holiday this time without the kids. She was thrilled and I seen that sparkle. She suggested we take the toys that we use and I definitely agreed too.

That holiday was the turning point in our lives. On the flight to Mauritius we met another “younger” muslim couple from Laudium who were very much in love. Our wives seem to hit it off instantly. We were booked with the same travel agent and were staying at the same hotel. We arrived in Mauritius and took a shuttle to the hotel. At the hotel we booked in and relaxed. The first night we slept early as we were just getting to know the place. The next day we enjoyed a day at the beach. As we were going back we got to meet our new friends. Apparently they spent the morning in their rooms. That evening we had supper together and our wives chatted and seem to be really getting along. I suggested that we tour the island and share a cab , the husband blankly refused and the wife said its not their first time there and they came just to have fun on their own. That night my wife told me that the couple who came to Mauritius before come solely for sex as the wife explained to my wife. Wow I thought , and we thought it was only us that did naughty things. My wife started to ask questions over the next couple of days. The young lady eventually told us of the world of Cuckolding. She said she has sex with another man while her husband watches. Yes I was shocked. How can a muslim couple behave this way and why. My wife invited them for supper together on the second last night of our holiday. My wife asked the younger lady to explain and they reluctantly told us their life for the last 5 years.

The wife explained that their family life and “other” life is totally separate and that they go on holiday so that the wife can have sex with someone that is very very much more well-endowed than her husband. Although they use protection the wife says that its quite safe and discreet. After our supper we made our way to our respective rooms. My wife whispered to me that they are probably gonna meet their mate and she is gonna have sex with him. I just shrugged it off and we went to our room. In our room my wife took out her vibrators and toys etc and we had the time of our lives. Never have I seen my wife make love and have wild sex at the same time. She was out of control. I unfortunately did not last for very long. I seem to be turned on with the idea at the back of my mind but did not tell my wife. I insisted that that would ruin us and destroy our family. My wife agreed but I knew she wanted to try it. Next morning at breakfast we seen the couple. They we talking and laughing as if nothing was out of place. My wife approached the young wife and greeted saying that we were going to pack then leave for the airport.

On the plane back home I noticed the young couple chatting and laughing. They were also chatting to another tall very built white guy. When we arrived back in Johannesburg my wife went to the restroom and so did the young wife. When my wife emerged she had that smerk on her face. She told me that the tall well built guy was the young ladies “bull”. My wife asked all the details and we made our way home and to our lives.

Over the next couple days we started chatting about our holiday and the couple and I started doing some research and found the usual porn etc. my wife on the other hand got a world of info on how common this is and the terminology etc.

I knew my wife wanted to try it although when I confronted her she indicated that she was disgusted. We continued to use the vibrators and other adult toys but could not do as much as the kids consumed our lives.

I went for my 3 days in jamaat and while away got a msg from my wife that she is bored and started using the vibrator. She again sent me a video and talking dirty. Next day I suggested she go for coffee or a meal. A friend that was with me on 3 days also had his family at home. My wife together with his wife dropped all our kids off at the grandparents and the ladies went for a movie and supper. That evening they decided to leave the kids and they went to our place. My friends wife decided to stay over as it was late. That night my wife and the other brothers wife started to get “naughty” , got hold of the vibrators which my wife uses and other stuff and “played together”. When I got home on Sunday night my wife told me what had happened , I was fuming. She told me not to mention this to anyone. Eventually I agreed after she told me that she just wanted to try how it was like with another women and that she wont be doing it again. She also told me that she wanted to try the “cuckold” thing and will not mention it again. Then the subject of the couple in Mauritius came up. In the back of my mind I knew that Mauritius was the point where our lives changed.

I received a call from the jamaat brother saying that he wants to talk and have a meeting , as I was at work I told him to come over on Saturday. We sent the kids again to their grandparents and so did he. He came home that night with his wife and had supper. After supper he said the reason he and his wife were there was because of the incident that took place between our wives and wanted a copy of the video. I told him I was not aware of any video. My wife indicated that she did record the whole session. I made the copy and the brother indicated that it turned him on and that his wife will be happy to continue having “romps” with my wife while we are away. I told him that it will probably not happen again as this was just a one night thing my wife wanted to try.

After they left I watched the video with my wife and I was quite turned on as both women seem to be very experienced in bed and the jamaat brothers wife was quite pretty with and without clothes. I for the first time seen how women make love to each other. I wondered whether my wife was becoming a lesbian.

The following weeks we seem to be getting closer and more in touch with each other without saying a word of what took place that weekend or prior.

Then came the following month where we again had to go for 3 days. The jamaat this time sent us to Azaadville. My wife and the jamaat brothers wife again decided to get together this time at his house. Me and the jamaat brother did not say a word for that 3 days and I could see that something was up as he kept checking his phone. On Sunday after lunch he approach me saying he wanted to chat so we went outside. He told me that our wives had sex with another man last night together and that he arrange it before hand as this did happen before with his wife.

I later found out that the couple we met in Mauritius and this jamaat brother knew each other too. He told me that the young wife we met in Mauritius set it up for them. I was fuming inside I did not know what to think.

When I got home on Sunday our families were sitting in the lounge waiting. Both our wives continued as if nothing happened. When they left and we put the kids to bed I approached my wife and she told me everything. Eventually she showed me a video of the whole incident.

As I set watching the video my wife starred at me looking for a reaction. I saw a muscular white guy with a tattoo on his arm having sex with the jamaat brothers wife while my wife stroked and kissed them both. Then it was my wife that had sex with him while the jamaat brothers wife kissed and stroked them both. My wife told me that the white guy had a very big penis and that she had done this just to try it as it was the first time. She told me that she kept in contact with the young wife we met in Mauritius and that she told her the whole scenario.

My wife also promised that she will not be continuing as she just wanted to try this out .

What I found out after was the following which might be useful or not. You chose:

1. I have now grown closer to my wife. We talk more and have less sex. After kids go sleep we end up chatting for about 2-3 hours while lying in bed.

2. This type of lifestyle is not uncommon in our communities. I found 4 couples in Laudium , 2 couples in Roshnee , a couple in Lenasia. Although they do not have sex with each others husbands they are discreet and only do things when they go on holiday or out of their towns. It is very common amongst the non muslim white communities.

3. Cuckolding is a lifestyle and the wife has sex with another man maybe once or twice a year. The other man has a very big penis and generally not known to other couples or family. In the case of the Laudium couple they were school friends and did not have sex till they got married to each other. Thereafter they started to explore. Other couples I was told were in the same position.

4. Their families have no idea this is happening and do not have the faintest clue.

5. Condoms are always used and almost all the time a video is made. After the husband sees it it gets deleted. With the case of the couple from Laudium the husband sits in the same room. No video is made.

6. If u get caught or if a family member finds out , now its gets complicated. There is a small town south of Johannesburg called Roshnee. Where a video was leaked. The wife took the blame and told family members and the community that she cheated on her husband. However the husband set up camera in the house and knew and approved of the wife having sex with someone else. The husband gets turned on big time by this. As I hear the couple is still married and no one has a clue what the real story is till today. The couple in Laudium do not engaged in this in their home but instead take holidays for this. A video leaked of the Lenasia couple where the wife was having sex while the husband filmed it , luckily he did not video her face. The wife uploaded it to a cuckold website to turn her husband on. Luckily family members could not see her face.

7. This type of lifestyle was very common in the 60s and 70s as well. I know of 1 case were the wife gave birth from this type of lifestyle. At the time condoms were not popular. The wife took the blame for cheating. However the husband was also witness to it.

8. Now that internet and camera phones are available we know more about it. Therefore do not take pictures or videos and if you do please delete after you watch it.

9. Women always want a bigger penis than you. This is a fact. They will not admit it but will always want a big dick. Generally the wife will not leave the husband. However women are not as innocent as you think or pretend out to be. They all have agendas whether sexually or otherwise.

10. Although my wife claims she now tried it all she promised not to do this again I sometimes wonder when she will ask for it again. We are now closer and happier than ever and we never talk about it. I now do not go out as often for 3 days jamaat as my wife always as something planned for us as a family. We do however meet with other couples including the couple from Laudium but just socially. Couples rarely discuss the lifestyle they lead. I know the other jamaat brother continues to lead this type of lifestyle and will stay married to his wife. He once told me he prefers it.

11. Research before you decide or agree to this. Generally the wives want it but only do it if they get consent from the husband. Like I mentioned earlier it is common. Although I refuse to let my wife continue or do it again I am very certain that she enjoyed it as I seen in the video.

12. People asked me if I cheated on my wife. Answer is no but I did give my consent. I now talk more to my wife about other issues though. The subject does come up and sometimes I do get turned on by it but I doubt I will consent to it again.

13. Pornography. Do not watch porn unless its with your wife. As I think you allowed to have a good time in your own bedroom. I know a couple from Roshnee where the wife is a bit large and the husband is fat but has a tiny penis that watch porn together and they do the cuckold thing every 2 months. Fortunately they don’t have kids so it suits them just fine. They invited us for a swingers party where people swop keys or something of that sort but my wife refused saying its just gonna be sex with someone else. As I mentioned before women want to try a big big penis. The couple in Laudium checked out the size of the guys penis before they proceeded. They went as far as measured it too.

14. There are lots that I have missed out but I doubt it was relevant. Also I keep lots out as it would incriminate others eg: I did mention the young couple from Laudium was the real game changer. There are lots about them but chose to keep discreet. In Johannesburg there are other couples like us but chose to stay discreet. Will my wife ask for it again ? I don’t know. I know she goes for waxing/treading to another lady that does it from home and I know that some times they get “naughty”. I was told other ladies also do the same. So I guess that bit is very common. The lady that does the waxing sometimes put their fingers or a tiny remote control vibrator in the clients vagina while waxing this makes them feel good. Sometimes they get more than they bargained for. At first I too shrugged it off but now that I talk often to my wife she gives me all the info.


To the couple in Laudium : chill your secret is still safe. There is still way too much info that we can get from you.

To the couple in Roshnee: Let me know if you need anything ( they always tell me that )) Bleaching the vagina and anus works thanks for the tip.

To the jamaat brother I know from JHB : Stay safe. Continue only if you want to and try to get supplements to avoid early ejaculation or use Viagra.

To the others who I haven’t mentioned: maybe I will write a full story about you especially the hot wives club. With your permission of course. The swingers club is another story but I intend getting to know it maybe , maybe not.

Remember the guy must be far better and bigger than the husband to make it worthwhile.